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15 Ways You’re Using #blackexcellence Wrong

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There is no exact definition of the phrase black excellence. Here at, we view black excellence as a celebration of beautiful black culture as well as the promotion of ideas and actions that benefit and advance the black community at large. Jay Z made the phrase hot years and go and still speaks about it.

The spread of the phrase has hit social media like a wave. The hashtag is used countless times everyday on Instagram and Twitter on various topics. While we think most use of the hashtag is suitable, we couldn’t help but notice how it is also being used in some ways that we thought were not very fitting.

In honor of #blackexcellence, here are 15 ways we think you’re using it in a way that’s #notblackexcellence.

1. With a stack of money you’re about to blow at a strip club. Or any stack of money. Corny!
2. For buying a luxury car you can’t afford
3. To promote your 1001st selfie of the day
4. With guns and gang signs
5. In an effort to bring back old styles no one wants back
6 To get more views on your latest twering video
7. With endless photos of tattoos, when you’re not a tattoo artist
8. With every photo of you that has those darn animal and flower filters. Thanks snapchat.
9. With your latest sneakers that you “invested” in
10. With an ass shot. Just an ass shot. We understand curves are beautiful and black is beautiful, but just stop.
11. With pictures of checkn and waffles. We all love it, but…
12. With your personal quote that’s meant to be deep but nobody understands
13. With yet another pic of bottles of alcohol. Unless you’re promoting Diddy owning Ciroc
14. To vent about your latest relationship issues and end your post with “…but I’ll do me. #blackexcellence”
15. To support Donald Trump. Just no.
In all seriousness, we are playing ya’ll! But we would love to hear about your list of #notblackexcellence.