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4 Artists To Listen To Heading Into The New Year



California native Jeshua

2019 is continuing to bring us music before the year is over. With so many songs and albums releasing, it can be difficult to keep up with who is who and to discover work from great artists.

We have done some of the work for you to introduce you to some of the musicians creating music that’s worth listening to. Here are four artists to keep on your radar and to listen to heading into the new year.


Singing has always been in VIAA’s blood. The Dayton, Ohio born powerhouse moved to Los Angeles when she was 21 to pursue school. Although singing was something that VIAA was introduced to at an early age,  it wasn’t until after she graduated from college that she began finding her voice and developing her sound.

One of her musician friends broached the idea of VIAA partaking in backup singing for a producer who needed help. Singing for artists such as Doja Cat, Willow Smith and Anderson Paak, opened up opportunities for her to connect with other artists and her current producer.

Her relationship with her producer has allowed her to grow into her artistry and to tap into the 80s and 90s driven style that she showcases in her music.

In 2018, VIAA released her self titled EP VIAA which include popular singles “Run Around” and “Hurt So Good”. Her most recent single “Retrograde” released in 2019.

While she is working on creating new music, she is continuing to play more shows and interact with her fan base.

To keep up with VIAA and stay up to date with new music, shows and more, follow her on Instagram and Twitter. 

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Jeshua, a California native, is bringing his artistry to the forefront. His unique style, melodies and vocals are like candy covered in honey.

When listening to his music, it’s unlike anything you’ll ever hear and he displays a level of versatility as an artist that is both impressive and refreshing.

The artist has been featured on “Retrograde” by VIAA and “Jetski” by Janine. His debut single “Decay”, released in 2019. The song is a beautiful description of what it means to let go of something or to let it die so that one can be free and experience the new cycles of life that lie ahead.

Currently, Jeshua is writing, creating new music and  working on visuals that exhibit his vision as an artist.

Follow Jeshua on Instagram and Twitter to get to know the artist and to stay in the loop for more music that is set to be released in early 2020.


Music comes naturally to this soulful artist. Born and raised in New Jersey, his childhood was centered around music as his grandmother was a recording artist in the 50’s. His father was also a preacher who heavily influenced his passion in music, which led to his involvement in his family’s gospel ensemble group he joined at the age of 14.

His roots in gospel music are evident and can be heard in his music as he incorporates soulful chords, funky styles and upbeat tempo’s that make any listener get up and dance.

The singer has released three EP’s : Black Gospel Vol. 1, Music By Davie Vol.1 and Music By Davie Vol.2.  His most popular single “Testify”, was featured on on Grey’s Anatomy and was the soundtrack for the 2017 Wild Turkey Bourbon Ad, featuring Matthew McConaughey.

Davie’s most recent project, Girls Raised in The South, released in June 2019.

Keep an eye out for Davie and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about the artist, visit his website and subscribe to his newsletter.


Ton, is a LA-based rapper, songwriter and producer. He doesn’t have one particular musical style, instead, his sound is a mix of many genres including rock, contemporary R&B and trap hip-hop.

Ton started recording at the age of 16, and by the age of 20, he began performing as well. His music is unique in the sense that he doesn’t focus on one theme or category. He writes about honesty, inequity,  self-questioning and observation, sex and tapping into one’s individuality and the importance behind it.

The artist has released singles titled “Tides”, “Yesterday” and “Symptoms”.

To know more about Ton, visit and follow him on Instagram.