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5 Inspiring Black Female Entrepreneurs To Know

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Black Biracial business women using phone and gadgets

Entrepreneurship is nothing new to the black woman. These five women you’re about to ‘meet’, some you already know, some you don’t, built their own companies against all odds and became the ultimate entrepreneur idols and source of inspiration. Sure, their road to success wasn’t all flowers and rainbows, and that’s exactly what makes their triumph even more meaningful.

  1. Janice Bryant Howroyd

Janice Bryant Howroyd is the Chief Executive Officer of The ACT-1 Group. Janice started her renowned workforce solutions company back in 1978 working from a small office with just a telephone on her desk. Her budget back then was just $1,500.  Nowadays, her organization has more than 70 branches all over the US and has become the largest American company in its industry owned by a woman.

  1. Cathy Hughes

You’ve certainly heard about this inspiring woman, but did you know that her road to success was sprinkled with daunting obstacles? Yes, before becoming the media power player we all admire, she dealt with losing her house and being forced to live with her relatives while she rebuilt her organization. Well, Cathy overcame all the barriers and now enjoys the victory of her brands, Radio One and TVOne, which have become one of the biggest media companies worldwide. Kudos to this brave entrepreneur!

  1. Leanna Archer

You’ll never guess the age Leanna was when she started her famous hair care line, Leanna Inc. She was only 9 years old when she began working on her now-famous organic, natural hair shampoos and butters! Yes, 9 years old! By now, she has become a successful business woman and a philanthropist! She is the head of Leanna’s Essentials and her products have been featured on various TV talk shows and websites. Way to go!

  1. Tina Wells

The wonderful Tina Wells founded the award-winning Buzz Marketing Group when she was 16, back in 1996. Her company focuses on helping other organizations understand and market to the ever-changing youth market. Buzz Marketing Group masters research tools, trend spotting, and social media for big clients such as Dell, Microsoft, Sony, Clinique, and Wells Fargo.

  1. Lisa Price

We’ve all heard of the homemade line Carol’s Daughter with its must-have beauty products. This multimillion-dollar business was founded by Lisa Price, who started creating hair treats in her very own Brooklyn kitchen. Curious about the budget she had back then? Young Lisa started with only $100 in her pocket and sold her magic potions at street fairs and church flea markets. Now, Carol’s Daughter can be found at your local drug stores. 

From media moguls to beauty queens, the women above prove that it’s not what you start with that matters but what you end with.