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5 Races with Black Candidates to Follow this Election Season

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Andrew Gillum's bid to become Florida's first Black governor 

November is fast approaching. This election season is a historic one. There are more black candidates and women candidates on ballots around the country than ever before. Some black candidates have even pulled major upsets to become the Democratic nominees in their races for the 2018 primary elections. 

If you will be too busy to follow every important race around the country, here are the 5 races to keep an eye on from now until election night. 

(Before we get to the list, REGISTER TO VOTE! If voting wasn’t important, millions and millions of dollars and countless hours would not be spent every election season on voter suppression. Your vote matters in all the national, state, and local elections. Vote for the candidate that you believe will best serve you, regardless of party affiliation. Learn about the candidates and the causes on the ballots.) 

Andrew Gillum’s bid to become Florida’s first Black governor 

He is a progressive and proud of it! Gillum’s major upset to become the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Florida came at a surprise to many even in the Democratic party. He is an advocate for raising the minimum wage to $15/hr and expanding health care coverage. His Republican opponent, Congressman Ron DeSantis, is backed by President Trump. 

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Lauren Underwood’s run on health care reform

Underwood, a registered nurse, is running to unseat Representative Randy Hultgren (R) in the 14th Congressional District of Illinois. She is campaigning on health care reform and was motivated to run against Rep. Hultgren after he voted for a GOP health care bill that would exclude pre-existing conditions. Underwood has a heart condition called supraventricular tachycardia that prevents her heart from maintaining a normal rhythm. 


Stacey Abrams’ run to become the first female governor of Georgia (and first black female governor in the United States history)

Abram’s already made history in May when she became the first black female major-party nominee for governor in the U.S. She has been serving in the Georgia house of representatives since 2006. 


Jahan Hayes’ surprise primary win in Connecticut and aim to become first black woman Representative in the state’s history  

The 2016 National Teach of the Year was told she had no chance of defeating her Democratic primary opponent Mary Glassman in the election back in August. But win she did! And now, she is running to become the first black woman to represent Connecticut in congress. 


Ben Jealous wants to bring progressive leadership to Maryland 

Jealous is another progressive that is making even some Democrats uncomfortable with his appeal to the left wing of the party. He has raised an impressive amount of money and is a popular figure in progressive circles around the country. However, he is trailing behind his opponent Governor Larry Hogan in the polls even in the deeply blue state of Maryland. 

Watch for these races and much more around the country come November 6th. 

Don’t forget to register and go out and vote!