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5 Unique Travel Destinations That Will Have You Traveling Outside The Box

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Travel season is fast approaching. Soon, you will be scrolling down your social media pages and getting bombarded with vacation pictures from all around the world. Places like Thailand, Cancun, Paris, and Rome might be showing up in your feed repeatedly. If you are planning your own vacation and want to travel outside of the usual destinations, we have 5 unique travel destinations for you! 

Ottawa, Canada

Canada’s capital city might lag behind Toronto and Vancouver in shine, but it is thriving in culture. And it’s affordable!

In 2018, the average roundtrip price from the U.S. went down to $446 from $616 in 2017. The city is filled with wondrous architecture, museums and galleries, and beautiful landscape. 


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This absolutely stunning island is located in French Polynesia and is part of the Society Islands. It is accessible via daily ferries from the capital of Tahiti.  The fact that this island is less famous than the more known Polynesian destinations like Tahiti and Bora Bora means it is less crowded and more affordable. 



 Located in Central Asia, Uzbekistan is known for its mosques, ancient trade routes, and architecture that has been preserved for hundreds and hundreds of years. Plus, hotels are affordable!

You can enjoy a vibrant city life or go for camel trekking or rafting. Tashkent, the capital city, is the largest and most modern city. Bukhara, the legendary Silk Road capital that’s 2500 years old, is filled with magnificent examples of monumental, medieval Islamic and Central Asian architecture. 



If you’re a fan of Scandal, you have probably heard Zanzibar mentioned quite a few times. The island off the coast of Tanzania is a hot bed of stunning beaches and vibrant culture.

Travelers can access the island through very affordable ferries from mainland Tanzania. And there are plenty of affordable places to stay.


Mostar, Bosnia

 If you’re looking for the clash of the East and the West, you will find it in Mostar. And the blend of the two cultures has created a unique and beautiful one in this historical city.

The most notable landmark in the city is Stari Most, the 16th century Ottoman-style bridge that connects the two sides of the city. It was destroyed in the 1993 Bosnian War after 427 years of use and was rebuilt in 2004. Furthermore, Mostar is also home to the Kravice Wateralls, Blagaj Tekke, and several stunning 17th century mosques. 

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