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7 Websites to Get Black News the Mainstream Media Ignores

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Open up,, or any other one of your favorite mainstream news sources and scroll through the main page.

How many stories about a black person or the black community do you see? Two, maybe three? Looking at that, you wouldn’t know that black people actually make up almost 13% of the US population. 

So where do you get your black news outside of, of course?

We have comprised 7 black news sites that focus on the black community and some news that the mainstream media ignores. 

  1. TheGrio

This is one of the most popular black-focused news platforms where readers can learn stories and watch videos that are usually not covered by the general press. TheGrigo‘s topics include news, entertainment, style, and politics. In addition, the site also has in-depth featuring compelling pieces as well as trenchant points of view.  

“The goal of TheGrio is to be the news portal that satisfies the desire of African-Americans to stay informed and connected with their community. TheGrio’s editorial mandate is to focus on news and events that have a unique interest and/or pronounced impact within the national African Americans audience.”black news, good black news, black excellence

  1. Good Black News

Good Black News is entirely dedicated to positive news in the black community. The platform started as a Facebook page and steadily gained a nice web presence. The topics covered include national and international news, politics, business, arts, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, education, technology, and history.  

“We believe in bringing you positive news and stories of interest about black people all over the world, and truly hope you will help spread the word so we can build and grow our vision together.”black news, good black news, black excellence

  1. Blavity

As a relative newcomer to the scene, Blavity reports on various topics that are relevant to black millennials. Although often overlooked by the mainstream media, the digital media outlet has experienced a fast growth and managed to reach millions of views every month. Their most popular pieces are the ones that cover the stories of African Americans in the tech industry.  

“Blavity is a venture-backed technology and media company aimed at building beautiful products and experiences for black millennials. Founded in July 2014, has quickly grown to become one of the fastest growing digital media outlets on the web, reaching more than 7M millennials a month.”black news, good black news, black excellence

  1. MadameNoire

The international online magazine focuses on delivering stories of interest for black women. Thus, MadameNoire‘s aim is to serve as a daily inspiration and news source for Millennial women of color. The topics covered range from breaking news, health, and career, to beauty, parenting, and entertainment. 

“MadameNoire launched in 2010 to serve as a daily source of news and inspiration for smart, stylish black women. The site’s mission is to empower Millennial women of color with engaging content that covers everything from health, fashion and beauty to career, parenting, entertainment and breaking news.”black news, good black news, black excellence


  1. News One

NewsOne is probably the most known news source for the black community. The website presents diverse opinions, photos, videos, polls, and original stories that speak directly to their audience’s needs and values.

“ is your destination for news and information for and about Blacks in America. Filled with original stories, diverse opinions, photos, videos and polls, let NewsOne be your daily stop and make your voices heard!”

black news, good black news, black excellence

  1. BlackPressUSA

As the NNPA’s (National Newspaper Publishers Association) public news platform, BlackPressUSA showcases the black community’s untold stories in the US and abroad. Users can read the news, along with opinions and analysis. Plus, they post articles on various topics such as politics, international affairs, sports, culture, and entertainment.  

“ editorial content caters to the African American community and features national and international news, politics, entertainment, sports, technology, health, automobiles and faith-based commentaries.”black news, good black news, black excellence


  1. HelloBeautiful

HelloBeautiful is a great resource for women of color who want to find out the latest news in entertainment and culture. Moreover, the site has a visually-appealing look and is very user-friendly.

“ is where Black women go to talk about themselves shamelessly. We share, confess, indulge, encourage and celebrate each other — while indulging our guilty pleasures. HelloBeautiful embraces the diversity of today’s  woman and allows her to be perfectly flawed and fabulous.”

black news, good black news, black excellence

These news websites are, besides informative, very inspirational. When browsing on these platforms, you’ll quickly notice that all the topics are relevant to blacks, facilitating meaningful interaction, and strengthening the community.