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African American Business Startups to Get $112 Million as Startup Cost

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Thousands of African American business startups across the US are set to secure a $200,000 Startup deal from the America Tax Geeks. The company runs a franchise and tax company and will pay all African American startups costs based on the franchise owners. A total of $112 million have been earmarked for the entire project annually by the franchisee, American Tax Geeks.


African American business startups can now enjoy as much as $200,000 each as Gross income with a zero upfront cost. Following the business model, the African Tax Geeks shall take responsibility for the startup cost, employee training, and other business logistics. The franchise owner is free from the hassle of preparing tax returns and still enjoys a startup cost of up to $37,000.


American Tax Geeks’ startup business model is spreading like wildfire. It has earned the reputation of being the fastest-growing franchise arrangement. The company already has a total of 10,000 franchise owner for the next tax season. Its doors are still open to receive more Africa American business startups from any locality across the United States of America.


As part of the startup cost waiver provided by American Tax Geek include:

  • $40,000 Franchise fee
  • $7,500 Initial advertising cost
  • $10,000 Equipment and furniture cost
  • $1,000 Signs
  • $9,000 Rent
  • $5,000 Staff training
  • $400 Insurance cover
  • $4,500 Miscellaneous to cover licenses, utilities, etc.


Due to the high demand for tax preparation services, there is a need for more tax returns or payment locations. IRS reports for the last fiscal year, show that at least 83 million persons paid a professional to help prepare and file tax returns. American Tax Geeks also states that at least 150 million Americans filed their tax returns in the last fiscal year.


african american business startup

Therefore, American Tax Geeks wants to help fast track the tax returns process with franchise business startups. The franchise owner does not need to have prior tax filing knowledge. American Tax Geeks will take responsibility to secure store location, provide the required employee training on tax filing, marketing, and exposure for the store and more.


Director of Operations at America Tax Geeks, Derrick Smith says, “we have received a tremendous amount of applicants that want to become American Tax Geeks franchise owners. But we want to see more diversity with our franchise owners.” Derrick says there is an attempt to make the process smooth and represent different localities.


For the African American business startups here is what Derrick says, “we have apportioned specific amounts of resources for all minority franchise applicants. Specifically, we want at least 20 percent of our franchise locations to be owned by African Americans.”


To confirm the figures apportioned to African American business startup, Derrick says, “We have allocated $112 million that will go towards paying for all of the thousands in startup costs; new African American franchise owners across the country”.


Each interested African American can register to attend the upcoming training slated for the different locality in the US. Interested participants can get details of the franchise at designated venues with a franchise agreement document signed at last. African American businesses in the US only accounts for 2.6 million. The black population in the US accounts for 13% of the US population. But the effort to secure capital for businesses has been a significant challenge for African Americans. And American Tax Geek provides an ample opportunity for the establishment of more black-owned companies in America.


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