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Must-Visit African American Historical Sites this fall

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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

As African Americans’ interests in travel and tourism increases, here are some heritage sites every black American should visit.  The first slave ship left from Ghana and the last slave ship, Clotilda, left Nigeria for the United States. Stories of African Americans is replete with tales of woes, bravery, and sportsmanship. But not all of these tales have been told. However, a visit to these heritage African American historical sites will give you a foretaste of the over 3-century historical and cultural experience of blacks in America.

Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

african american historical sites

Charles H Wright Museum came into existence in 1965 in Detroit as African American historical sites. It holds one of the world’s most significant artifacts of black history. Thirty-five thousand artifacts, depicting exceptional stories of science and engineering works. Also, interactive kids station, stories of African dancers, civil rights activists, and more.

As part of the celebration of African American history, the 37th African World Festival held this August 2019. It is usually a three-day festival. Part of the events includes celebrating the life of Africans in the diaspora with performances and more, holding at the museum.



Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum in Memphis, Tennessee

African american historical sites

The Memphis Rock’ n’ Soul Museum, Tennessee brings to fore the African soul music, folktales – stories and arts of African origin. The museum also promotes artifacts and exhibitions of the civil rights movements and the fight against slavery.

The museum also displays the history of Americans irrespective of their race- inclusion, and diversity. It serves as a remembrance of the 1930 Memphis Soul, the sharecropper roots during the civil rights era.


Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri

african american historical sites

Not much credit has gone out to the sportsmanship and talents of African American origin. Not much acknowledgment of African American baseball talents on the field of play. The Negro museum resides in the 18th and Vine district in Kansas by the American Jazz Museum.

African Americans played as part of the Negro League, and the Negro museum displays pictures of their struggle and success stories. It will amaze you just what you would discover, talents and superstars swept away from the sunshine.


National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama

african american historical sites

At Montgomery seats the National Peace Memorial, a place that tells the story of thousands of souls lost due to the color of their skin. From the grapevine, the museum goes by the name, the lynching memorial. In April 2018 the first US Commemoration of those murdered took place here. At least, 805 steel constructions and coffins, each represents every county with a case of an African American lynched.

You get non-profit legal advocacy at the Equal Justice initiative. Other locations within, showcase the history of racism in America, the civil rights movement, and more.

Pullman Porter Museum in Chicago, Illinois

african american historical sites

Pullman Porter Museum is one interesting African American historical site that displays the history of men with a sense of dedication to work. It tells stories of African Americans who worked with Pullman Car Company dedicating long hours of work. However, at least half of their salary of $60 per month was plowed back into the business for work supplies. The museum holds telltale of segregation and the rise of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, unionism.


Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston, Texas

african american historical sites

Buffalo Soldier museum brings you the story of patriotism to one’s country. It is the story of African American slave and civil war soldiers who staked their lives in defense of America. In celebrating their efforts, native Americans, gave them the name, Buffalo Soldiers, remembering their contributions towards the Wild West.

African Americans were ready to defend America both locally and internationally, even to their detriment as blacks.


National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

african american historical sites

Cincinnati is the home to the secret network that aided the escape of slaves to freedom. The network went by the name, the Underground Railroad. The National Underground Freedom Center came into existence to help tell the story of the journey to freedom 150 years after slavery.

The Freedom Center displays photos of slave trades, films, interactive exhibitions, and most popularly a slave pen built in Kentucky in the 1800s.

A visit to some of these African American historical sites will serve as a refresher on the journey to freedom. Several persons gave their lives for today’s democracy.

“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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