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Antebellum: The Much Anticipated (and Mysterious) Horror Movie



Janelle Monae in Antebellum

The last decade was filled with many socially conscious movies that took our breaths away.  It gave movie lovers a cinematic ride of a lifetime filled with moments that made viewers cry, laugh, paranoid, and at times, even afraid and uneasy. 

Amazing filmmaking teams were able to highlight modern day issues, capturing and telling each story through a creative and unique lens that makes it impossible to forget. 

Jordan Peele gave us two incredible movies in the last decade. A new movie will be hailing from the producers of his Get Out (2017) and Us (2019) films. The highly-anticipated, socially-driven horror film is titled Antebellum. 

What’s all the fuss about?

Antebellum has a star studded cast including phenomenal black actors such as Janelle Monáe, Marque Richardson II and Gabourey Sidibe to name a few. Monae is set to be the lead actress of the film. Although Monae has been in other successful films such as  Moonlight, Hidden Figures, Welcome to Marwen, Harriet and more, this will be the first horror movie the actress will star in. 

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The trailer, although enticing, doesn’t give away too many details. A minute long, from beginning to end, the trailer captures viewers attention with different shots and scenes that leave us more curious than before.

Although Antebellum has been a mysterious movie thus far, IMDB does give us more insight of what one can expect before releasing in theaters. 

“A successful author finds herself in a horrifying reality and must figure out the mystery behind it before it is too late.”

Surely the mystery will be both captivating and twisted. 

Directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, and produced by Sean McKittrick, Antebellum premieres in theaters on April 24. Watch the film’s trailer linked above.