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‘Bad Boys for Life’ Reigns King at Box Office

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Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in bad boys for life

The boys still got it!

In its opening weekend, Bad Boys for Life earned an estimated $68.1 million at the box office, scoring the second best opening in the history of MLK weekend.

Stars Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reunited seventeen years after the last bad boy installment and proved they are as popular as ever. The film is reportedly expected to cross the $100 million mark globally this weekend. The third installment of this good ‘ol cop movie cost $90 million to produce.

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Aside from its success at the box office, Bad Boys for Life has also scored high marks with critics. USA Today wrote: “The threequel not only makes up for 2003’s woeful “Bad Boys 2” but also interestingly showcases Smith and Lawrence’s longtime Miami cops as vulnerable heroes who haven’t lost their knack for wanton destruction or offing bad guys yet have to deal in a real way with the consequences of their careers.”

Bad Boys 4? Yes please!