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Will Smith is bringing ’90s glory back with Bel-Air Athletics



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If you follow Will Smith on social media, then one, you’re always in for a treat. And two, you already know about his latest project.

Will’s latest offering is a “Fresh Price of Bel-Air” themed clothing line titled “Bel-Air Athletics.” And what better time to launch a ’90s themed clothing line than the present time, when ’90s obsession seems to be reaching a peak.

The actor, rapper, and all-around entertainer released a video recently on his YouTube channel of him modeling his various pieces, including an acid-washed throwback tee with his character’s image from Fresh Price of Bel-Air.

bel-air athletics, will smith clothing brand, will smith clothingThe clothing line includes socks, shirts, hoodies, track pants, and more with prices ranging from $15 to $60+. Oh and, of course, an air freshener is part of the lineup, to keep your ride smelling fresh.

Watching Will goof around at the video shoot reminded us why we absolutely fell in love with him and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air over two decades ago. And if WIll’s career is any predictor, his latest project will be another successful one.

Check out the collection from Bel-Air Athletics here.