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Best Ways to Find Cheap Accommodation in New York City this Holiday



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Finding cheap accommodation in New York City might look like an uphill task. But it isn’t as challenging as you may think. Big Apple attracts a lot of attention, especially during the fall and winter season in New York. New York is an exciting place to be during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays. African American population accounts for about 25% of New York City and 17% of New York.


However, securing cheap apartments in New York this time might be a bit tricky. But this guide will show you just where to look to find neat and comfortable on budget accommodation in New York prime locations.


Your Search Begins Here: Cheap Accommodation in New York

Free Accommodation

It’s hard to believe, but you could get free instead of paid or cheap accommodation in New York. Sites like Couch Surfing can hook you up with hosts willing to offer free accommodation in New York. The Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Staten Island boroughs? Instead of an expensive apartment in New York’s Upper West Side, get free or cheap accommodation in Brooklyn or Queens. You could get the best of the Big Apple without residing in the heart of New York City. To Couch Surf, sign up and find a person willing to host you for free. But make sure to check the reviews about the host and always leave a review to help others too.


Trip Advisor

What makes Trip Advisor a choice for cheap accommodation in New York is the ability to make preferences. You can opt for a cheap apartment in New York by selecting the price and the specific areas of interest. Trip Advisor will provide the list of affordable accommodation within that axis. Customer reviews will help you know what to expect.


Also, you can reduce the cost of airfare and accommodation by purchasing a trip package. A trip package can include activities, as well.


Rent a Property

If you are on a budget but with a little more fund to spend, getting a temporal property could be more fun. Sites like VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) and Airbnb offer cheap accommodation in New York City within the range of $60 to $200 per night. It’s an excellent option if traveling with your family or on a romantic trip. Feel free to discuss directly with the property owner and leave a review of your experience.


Trade your Time for Free Accommodation

Yeah, you could enjoy free or cheap accommodation in New York when visiting by trading your time with the host. Sites like Trusted Housesitters (US) will hook you up with those in need of someone to cater to their pets or home. Though perfect for singles, couples could take advantage of the opportunity to visit New York on free accommodation. 


Also, is a site that links guests and hosts together in New York City. What you enjoy is free accommodation and food in exchange for feeding the owner’s pet or doing dishes. 


Stay in a Hostel

Hostel rent offers you cheap accommodation in New York compared to staying in a hotel. You can get lovely hostels with a comfy environment and other amenities to stay at affordable rates in New York. The rave about hostels as an alternative to hotels is on the rise. The average hostel cost $32 per night compared to $290 per night for hotels.


Hey, don’t be fooled by Holywood movies that depict hostels as being chocking and bare-looking dormitories. You did be shocked by what you can get for so cheap.


Finding Eurocheapo

Eurocheapo is another cheap accommodation in New York City website. Eurocheapo has been providing cheap accommodation for decades now in Europe and now in New York. The company usually inspects each property on their list to ensure they meet the required standard.


Other sites with similar services plus option to pick amenities include local guidebooks like Time-Out New York. Enjoy exclusive discounts for cheap accommodation at Living Social and more.


There you go! Now, you can see it’s not impossible to find cheap accommodation in New York City. New York has some of the most exciting places and events to explore to spice up your holiday 2019. So, African Americans have no excuse not to enjoy the best of the season with their loved ones, family, and friends. 


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