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10 Best Countries for Road Trips

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best countries for road trips

What would you guess are the best countries for road trips?

Road trips have been all the rage since Covid-19 took over our lives in 2020. Even as air travel is reviving back, road trips remain a popular and safer option for those looking to avoid crowds. 

Unfortunately, not all countries are made for road trips. But in today’s video, we will look at 10 countries that have been named the best countries for road trips by Holidu

Holidu looked at factors like road quality, gas prices, and landscape variety in 118 countries around the world. These 10 countries stood out as the best countries for road trips. 


  1. India 

India is the seventh largest country by area in the world and the second most populous country, making it a very diverse one to travel through whatever your modem of traveling might be. But a road trip will allow you to enjoy the diverse landscape more intimately. India is home to 40 UNESCO world heritage sites and there are various road trips you can choose from, ranging from quick 3hr trips to over 25hr ones. 

Be warned that India does have the highest fuel prices than any other country on this list, but the cheap food and reasonable accommodations can make up for it. Driving in the big cities like Mumbai or Delhi can be a bit of a nightmare, but once you get out into the open, you will be astonished by what India has to offer.  


  1. Peru

This South American nation is best known for Macco Piccu and Llamas, but it has much more to offer. Peru has deserts, amazon rain-forest, beaches, and mountain ranges to explore. Northern Peru is less visited but actually a far better alternative for road trips as the region has newer and better roads. The ideal time to do a road trip is during the dry season, which runs from May through October. 

Peru is home to 13 UNESCO world heritage sites and almost 3000 different animals.  Like most of the countries on our list, bringing an old school map is recommended as GPS navigation or cell service might not always be reliable. 

  1. Bolivia

To the south east of Peru, you will find Bolivia, a country with varied terrain spanning the Andes mountains, Amazon rainforest, and Atacama Desert. The quality of the roads in Bolivia can vary dramatically. Most of your trip might be traveled on great roads but then you might find yourself on some really horrible ones as you venture out to the less frequented mountain areas. And the transition can happen very fast.

Bolivia’s infamous Yungas Road was named the World’s Most Dangerous road by the Inter-American Development Bank. The northern portion of the road was  cut into the Cordillera Oriental Mountain in the 1930s and much of it is unpaved and without guardrails. Each year over 25000 bikers cycle along the 40 mile road. If you have the heart and the skills, the views here are amazing!  

Bolivia has the cheapest accommodations out of all the countries on this list along with relatively cheap fuel prices. It is also home to 8 UNESCo world heritage sites. 


  1. Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in South America and the world’s fifth largest country by area. 

The most famous road trip in Brazil is the one you can do on the BR-101, the main Brazilian road that follows the length of the Atlantic Coast. It stretches over 2900 miles in total. If you have the time and the budget, you can travel the whole stretch or just opt out for small sections of it. 

Brazilian roads range from very well kept highways to unpaved roads with massive potholes. You would need to research your route thoroughly before venturing out on any road trips. Look for any toll roads you can take as those tend to be well-maintained and are worth the fees. Brazil is home to 23 UNESCO world heritage sites and over 3300 different animals.


  1. Australia

The land down under is one of the best countries for road trips for obvious reasons: well maintained, wide open roads, stunning coastlines, and convenient accommodations. But it’s also known that the outback can be a dangerous place, so keep that in mind when venturing out in Australia. 

One of the most popular roads for trips in Australia is the Great Ocean Road, which is studded with views of the dramatic coastline. You can also take a drive along the Great Barrier Reef on the Great Barrier Reef Drive, which is 87 miles long. The road runs through two world heritage sites, the great barrier reef and the Daintree Rainforest.  But be preferred to pay up as Australia has higher than average prices on both fuel and accommodations. 


  1. Argentina 

We are back in South America with the second largest country on the continent. Argentina is home to the Yacutinga Rainforest, the Andes mountain range, and the Patagonian Desert as well as a range of beaches down its length. 

Argentina’s famous Route 40 has been called the most beautiful drive on earth and that’s for good reason. The highway stretches 3227 miles and runs along the Andes mountains. Along the way, you will get to see volcanic lava fields, shimmering salt flats, and ancient forests. The best time to take on this road trip is November through February. 

Argentina’s main highways are generally paved but expect gravel roads and potholes on many minor roads. The country is home to 11 UNESCO world heritage sites and over 1500 different animals. 


  1. Malaysia

When looking for a great road trip on a budget in a stunning country, choose Malaysia. It is the 7th cheapest country for gas and tenth cheapest for vacation rentals. Malaysia only has 4 UNESCO world Heritage sites but it offers diverse landscapes like tropical jungles, beautiful beaches, and even glaciers on its highest point, Mount Kinabalu. 

Malaysia also has great roads and convenient accommodations. Although small in size, Malaysia packs a lot of culture in beauty for those looking for a shorter adventure. There are plenty of short trips you can take from major cities like Kuala Lumpur.  


  1. Canada

Our northern neighbor is vast in size and actually more diverse than a lot of people think. The world’s second largest country was ranked sixth highest in the world for its natural assets such as beaches and national parks. Add to that fantastic infrastructure, beautiful cities, and friendly locals, and you have the complete road trip experience. 

The popular Sea to Sky Highway is a curvy 101 mile stretch that takes you through forests, mountains, farmland, and past the ocean. Or take the 146 mile trip on the Icefields Parkway to see the Canadian Rockies. Canada is home to 20 UNESCO World heritage sites. 


  1. Mexico

Our Southern neighbor has landed on the number 2 best country for a road trip. Mexico ranked at the seventh place for the number of UNESCO world heritage sites with 35 of them. Aside from the natural beauty of Mexico, from jungles to pristine Caribbean beaches, the country is also home to several Mayan city ruins and Aztec ceremonial grounds. 

Mexico has great roads across the country, giving visitors plenty to choose from for their road trips. Deserts, colorful colonial cities, ancient ruins, beaches, jungles, you name it, Mexico has it. 


  1. USA 

If you live in the US but have never taken a road trip, first shame on you, and second, you would have to be in a tiny percentage of people because the US is the home of road trips. The third largest country in the world offers so much to explore. Great roads, beautiful, diverse landscape, convenient accommodations, and top-notch cities, big and small, make the US top pick for road trips. Forget traveling across the country if you don’t have the time or money as you can see so much exploring just one state like California. 

The US has around average cost of gas but accommodations run costlier than the average country on the list. But for those who love the outdoors, camping is a great option as camping grounds can be found all over the place in America.