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Beyonce’s 600 Pages of How to Make Lemonade

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How to make Lemonade book cover

If you’re like most of us, you never thought you needed a 600 page coffee book. Until now.

Ever pushing the limits of creativity, Beyonce has just released a grad and stunning 600 page coffee book that tells the behind the scene story of the making of her sixth record, Lemonade. It is rightfully titled How to Make Lemonade.  The politically forward and unapologetic Lemonade stirred up controversy as it celebrated black female power, brutal honesty, and vulnerability. The social commentary continued beyond the HBO special as Beyonce used platforms like the Super Bowl, Video Music Awards and the Grammys to further push the message, whether it was through her wardrobe choice or by bringing Mothers of the Movement onstage.

Now, you can relive the journey of the landmark record through 600 pages of stunning never before released photographs that capture the soul of the project through fashion, family and vibrant colors. The collector’s edition is selling for $299.99 and comes with double vinyl LP. You can order your copy at