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Black-Owned NGO Gives $20K To Support Black Students In STEM

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Black Students in Stem

A black-owned non-profit organization, Math with EEEs Inc, has pledged to sponsor ten black students in STEM for the very competitive coding course in by Codewithsharen. The organization will be giving away almost $20,000 in scholarships.

Grant in STEM

The organization is working hard to fulfill its objective of reducing the gap in STEM education. It intends to provide equal opportunities to give underrepresented communities a chance at success. According to Sharen Eddings, a STEM education provider and founder of Codewithsharen, it is necessary for students to keep learning STEM subjects. The world can’t just depend on OpenAI like ChatGPT. The computer programmer adds that people can only build websites like ChatGPT after understanding the coding languages.

Going further, Sharen stated that students could create a unique final product. However, they must first know how to troubleshoot, host webs and do maintenance. She outlines that the purpose of the collaboration between Math with EEE and Codewithsharen is to teach children coding in a fun way successfully.

According to the computer expert, the organization designed the course for students in grades six and above. They also teach the lesson in a manner that is fun, interactive, and easy to learn. Sharen also convinces parents to sign up by assuring them that their children will learn how to read and write code, helping them to build websites and mobile games. She adds that coding empowers students to change the world and achieve their dreams.

As a seasoned programmer, Sharen informs students that she is relevant because of the popularity of automation and artificial intelligence. She also reminds them that it is a skill that can improve the students’ lives and make a difference in others.

Concerning the learning process, Eddings admits coding can look intimidating. However, she guarantees it is fun, easy to learn, and rewarding. Eddings concludes by saying she has built incredible things with code and wants to share that experience with others.