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Black-Owned Tech Company Develops Police Misconduct Monitoring App

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police misconduct tech app

Black-owned Tech Company gets set to launch the RTC Protech App, developed to checkmate police misconduct. The App was developed by the RightThere Corporation (RTC) in 2018 and would use technology as a basis to ensure the safety of Americans. RTC Protech was designed through the effort of an advanced tech team put together by RightThere Corporation. It came up with this brilliant technology-driven solution to alleviate fears of police mal-handling of individuals and other life-threatening security matters.


The RightThere Corporation, is a black-owned tech established by African American entrepreneur, Maria Watkins in 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama. The app which is in the process of been patented would be available to Android and Apple smart device users soon. Key features in the RTC Protech App include:


  • GPS Tracking
  • Voice/ touch activation
  • Alerts to emergency contacts
  • Audio-visual surveillance
  • File complaints to the responsible agency
  • Access to Legal Referral Network


The RightThere Corporation operates under three basic missions; to provide prevention, intervention, and defense for Americans. The main goal of the app is the creation of a more peaceful society for all to live in. With the RTC Protect App, the organization hopes to reduce cases of civil rights violations. Also, the aim is for American citizens, irrespective of their color, to relate with the police without fear or rancor.


Part of what informed police monitoring applications of this nature are the incessant cases of human rights violations by police officers. Facts gathered from a 2016 Guardian investigation shows higher cases of African Americans been killed in police raids compared to whites. The accounts include the Guardian reports, public records or local news reports of persons killed by the police. In 2015 reports, of 464 persons killed during a police encounter, 102 of the list were unarmed. A total of 32% of blacks, 25% of Hispanics and Latinos and 15% of whites who were killed by the US police in 2015 were unarmed. Of the 464 persons killed, 135 were blacks, 67 were Hispanics and Latinos while the remaining 234 were whites.


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Most deaths were either due to open fire by the police or the use of Tasers. Other death cases include those knocked down by police vehicles or in the course of police investigation while in custody.


How the RTC Protect App Works

RTC Protech is one of the first black-owned techs for monitoring and it could be installed from the Apple or Google App store once released. The app offers a simple user interface. It could be activated through touch or voice prompt during a Police incidence. The customized app enters into propriety mode, and the RTP Protech starts recording. It collects audio, visual data as well as GPS location in case of need for assistance and more. The app then sends the received information plus alerts or emergencies to already assigned contacts. Details about the eventual release and more are available on the company website.

black owned tech company

Black-owned tech companies like the RTC is helping re-write black history. More so, RTC Protech innovative solutions can create a more peaceful and safe environment. It is a two-pronged tool to help provide more evidence even for police criminal investigation. The whole aim is in the defense of human rights and seeking justice for all.


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