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Crystal Hayslett: How She Went from Capitol Hill to Hollywood

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Crystal Hayslett

Crystal Renne Hayslett came to the limelight after her role as Fatima in Tyler Perry’s TV series  ‘Sistas’ on BET. But how does a one-time public servant work her way up to become a much talked about TV star? 


Crystal Hayslett’s Early Life

Crystal was born on 18th of October 1981 in Tennessee. While growing up in Martin, TN, Crystal always loved the arts. She loved being in the spotlight and found joy in participating in activities like singing in the church choir and starring in school plays.

She used to display performative talent at a very young age,. She would recreate pop stars’ performances and give acceptance speeches for awards she won in her imaginary mind.  

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Crystal Hayslett’s first job at Capitol Hill

Crystal started her career as a public servant. During her junior year at the University of Tennessee, Martin, she was recruited to work as an intern for the U.S. Senate in Washington D.C. She worked in the office of Senator Lamar Alexander on Capitol Hill. 

Moving from Martin to D.C. was a big jump for her. However, Crystal quickly settled in the city and enjoyed all that D.C. had to offer. Also, she enjoyed working on The Hill.

After her internship, now in her senior year, Crystal received the offer to join Senator Alexander’s team full-time. She started in the front office and later became a correspondent for the HELP (Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions) committee chaired by Senator Alexander.

Crystal gained a lot of experience working in politics, but that’s not where her heart was. She spent two and a half years working in the U.S. Senate before she decided to call it quits.

Crystal realized that politics wasn’t for her and decided to shift gear. In 2009, she left D.C. and relocated to Atlanta to pursue her childhood dream in music and acting.

At first, music was going well for her, but she later started hitting rough patches. The challenges included difficulty in finding a good production team and trying to sign a better deal. While on a mission fo find these things, Crystal continued to perform shows around the city. 


How Crystal Hayslett joined Tyler Perry Studio (TPS)

In 2012, Crystal’s friend and stylist, who was working at TPS, informed her about a vacant position as a production assistant. She encouraged her to seek out the opportunity. 

Before then, the stylist friend used to compliment Crystal for her fashion sense. Crystal listened to the wise friend and interviewed and landed the job as a Production Assistance at Tyler Perry Studios (TPS).

Crystal transitioned into costume design at the studio after working for a couple of years as a stylist. In 2015, she became the studio’s costume designer. Crystal went on to become Tyler Perry’s stylist later that year.  

Crystal watched and learned acting from Tyler Perry and other actresses for several years while working behind the scenes as a stylist and costume designer. She also used to audition for things at the studio, but she had never been seen acting by Tyler Perry himself. 

Crystal received several ‘No’s’ at auditions for TPS, none of which Tyler was aware of. Tyler didn’t even know she had an interest in acting. For seven years, Crystal kept auditioning for TPS until the character of Fatima came about at Sistas.


How did Crystal Hayslett get to play the role of ‘Fatima’ in Sistas?

Until 2019, Tyler Perry didn’t know Crystal was interested in acting. Even when the ‘Sistas’ project came up, she was only working on the show as a consulting producer. The role of Fatima wasn’t even a character from the onset. 

When she approached Tyler and showed him what she could do, he decided to create a role for her, woman named Fatima. She was given a small role at first. 


Crystal played an underdog in the first season. She continued to work as a costume designer and consulting producer as well. All of Crystal’s efforts paid off after she proved herself as an actress and got moved to a series regular.  

Crystal impressed Tyler with her talent. He promoted her to series regular for the show’s second season. Crystal now moved permanently from behind the camera to the spotlight. She’s now one of the most talked-about acts from Tyler Perry’s Sistas on BET.


From a Stylist to an Actress at TPS

Crystal was never featured in any TV shows or films until she got the part on Sistas. That’s 10 years after she moved from D.C. to Atlanta. She considered all the years of waiting and questioning herself as the part people don’t get to see when somebody seems to just appear to stardom out of nowhere. 

When asked how she felt after her successful role on ‘Sistas’, Crystal said, “I tell people to stay the course on whatever it is you really want to do but don’t force anything. When it’s your time, things will fall in line, and it’ll happen fast – stay ready!”

Crystal worked her way up through one of the most reputable TV/film studios in the South. She was ready and grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself. She’s now playing the role she could only dream of as a child.  She has shown that it pays to be committed to one’s dreams. 


Crystal Hayslett Private Life and Net Worth

The charismatic actress has been very quiet about her private life. Crystal prefers to keep her love life and relationship status a mystery. Despite her fame, she has not been seen or paired with anyone.

But what we know is that she’s likely unmarried. She has never been married and has no record of a child or children.

Since Crystal has come to the limelight, she has gained a lot of notoriety. Crystal enjoys an estimated net worth between $1 million to $5 million.