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Disrobing the KKK Through One Conversation at a Time

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Picture of the KKK holding up signs at a rally

There has been many theories on how to fight racism. Some have taken up arms while others advocated fighting the hate with love.  One blues musician is fighting racism with conversation.

Daryl Davis has spent 30 years befriending Ku Klux Klan members in hopes of convincing them to give up their robes and their racist views. And according to him, 200 Klansmen have given up their ropes after having a conversation with him and realizing their views were erroneous.  And what’s the prize he gets? A better world of course, but he also gets their robes to hang in his house. He uses that as a reminder of the good he has done.

According to Mr. Davis, he has studied the history of the KKK throughly and uses that knowledge when he engages with them to show them that he as done his homework. He is not afraid to ask or be asked tough questions. He opened up the floor to a conversation, a medium he believes is the best way to approach and disarm those armed with hate and misinformation.

You can listen to the full interview of Daryl Davis by NPR here.