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5 Of The Best Moments From Eddie Murphy’s SNL Return

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Eddie Murphy on snl

If you have been avoiding civilization entirely, you might have missed that Eddie Murphy returned to host SNL this past Saturday night. And the highly anticipated TV moment did not disappoint.

Eddie left SNL 35 years ago, and he even managed to reprise some of his iconic roles from his 1980-1984 stint on the show.

Here are just 5 of the best moments from the show.

Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood

Mister Robinson came back older and wiser. The Mr. Rogers spoof returned to SNL as a property squatter. “My neighbors was all black, but now they white” sings Mister Robinson. Boys and girls, can you say gentrification?

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Eddie and Friends Opening

The crowed was already on cloud 9 to see Eddie Murphy opening up the show. Then what happened? Comedians Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, and Chris Rock all joined the legend on stage. What’s better than 1 black comedian? 4.



Gumby’s Back!

“They know who the hell it is! I’m Gumby, damn it!” No into needed here, but Gumby returned during the Weekend Update. Even the hosts couldn’t control themselves on this one.


Lizzo was Good as Hell

Ok, this one is doesn’t involve Eddie, but it was the perfect musical accompaniment to Eddie hosting SNL. Lizzo rocked the house with holiday themed set, complete with candy cane strip poles. And the twerking? It gave us life!


Velvet Jones

One of the contestants on Black Jeopardy was Mr. Velvet Jones, founder of The Velvet Jones School of Technology.  Mr. Velvet Jones comes with a whole line of books that teaches women various ways to make $1500 a week. If it’s not clear, Mr. Jones is a pimp.

There is much more hilarity that took place on SNL when Eddie Murphy hosted. Make sure to find a way to watch the whole thing if you haven’t yet.