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African American Travels: 6 Exciting US Cities to Be this Holiday 2019

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Pictures of cars going fast on golden state bridge in San Francisco, California

These exciting US cities and locations will help African Americans relax and enjoy the holiday 2019. It’s barely 80 days to the holiday 2019, and this is the best time to start planning. With the increase in African American travels, worth $63 billion, these US sites have all you need for a fun-filled yuletide 2019. If you are low on a budget or don’t intend traveling out of the US this holiday, then you would find this list perfect as all locations are US-based.


New York City, New York

exciting us cities

New York City presents one of the most exciting US cities to be this holiday 2019. What’s more to say? If you travel with your family and on a budget, you could still get the best of the holiday. Depending on your retinue, the first point of call could be the Statue of Liberty. It represents the symbol of peace and freedom which was a gift from France to the United States. African Americans, for centuries, have given everything to enjoy the peace and equal treatment amongst other races. And this city has its roots deep as a city for immigrants.

exciting us cities

New York has exhilarating architectural pieces and art scenes to view. You could shop at the famous SoHo, and watch a show on Broadway. The city has one of the best-diversified neighborhoods to explore. Finally, you can make a comeback to Central Park to cool off with your family.


San Francisco, California

exciting us cities

San Francisco, the City by the Bay, helps fulfill your appetite and cravings for good food. When you need to breathe in the fresh air this holiday 2019, it’s all in San Francisco. Pay a visit to the Ferry Market and see or purchase some fresh farm produce. Do it all! Get the best of city views and a touch of history by ferrying to the Island of Alcatraz. But don’t forget to take a long walk through the Golden Gate Park.

exiciting us cities

Other exciting experiences at San Francisco abound; including a ride on the famous cable car and a visit to the Point Reyes National Parks. The National Park gives you one of the best places to go bird watching or check out the Northern Elephant seals during the Winter. You could also go hiking or kayaking at the shores of the coast as well as Tomales Bay. Point Reyes is about 35 miles outside of San Francisco (Northwest).


Miami, Florida

exciting us cities

Looking for exciting US cities with a touch of class, arts, and entertainment this holiday 2019? Miami, Florida, has just the right catch for you. Miami is the American Hollywood of the East – SoBe. And with Miami South Beach, you can experience the warmth and coolness away from the harshness of the winter. Miami South Beach offers all-round nightlife, enough of eye candy, extensive sandy shores, and exquisite architecture.


Miami’s Art Décor District will give you a taste of beauty. And if you have a little more fund to throw around, you could give yourself a treat at Miami’s best hotels and suites.


Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

exciting us cities

Get a taste of the Ultimate vacation hub on the East Coast, the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Myrtle Beach offers one of the most splendid resorts in South Carolina with a 60-mile Grand Strand and beach. Enjoy the best of parks – water parks, amusement parks. The beach hosts summertime events and more with exquisite hotels, restaurants, and live events to keep you hooked all through the holiday.


It’s not all, as you get a chance to spoil your family a little with the array of available family events and more.


Branson, Missouri

exciting us cities

Branson gives more than what several exciting US cities can offer. Feel the thrills and excitement of the Ozark Mountains in this festivity-filled vacation destination. Branson has a lot of small-town charms and live-entertainment, attracting millions of visitors annually. You don’t want to miss out on the over 50 theater shows or the lake-side event running all day long.


Orlando, Florida

exciting us cities

Orlando has its share of excitement and fun to offer. And if traveling with kids, Orlando has enough of children-friendly hotels to lodge. One good thing to expect in the city is the diversity of play sites to explore. Fun places like Disney’s Mickey Mouse and even beyond dots the city. You could get more than enough of theme-parks, twisting waterslides, and wild roller coasters for a family vacation.


A personal or family time-out in any of these exciting US cities is just what you need to end the year on a good note. As African Americans get their groove up, you, too, can get a taste of adventure or history during this holiday 2019. And since you won’t be traveling out of the states, it did be more comfortable to manage your budget.


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