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15 Unique Feed-In Braid Styles We Love in 2023

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As the summer season approaches, we will begin to see braids center stage, whether at the beach or at the work place. Besides being a timeless look, braids are a protective hairstyle and deliver much needed relief in hot weather. 

One of the biggest and trendiest braid styles now are feed in braids. Like every other type of braids, feed in braids are beautiful, classy, and are a good fit for all hair types and lengths.

Here are 15 feed-in braids we are loving this season. 

1. The Swoop

Look how stylish and sexy the swoop feed in braids are. This style makes your cornrows look longer and fuller. In this case, hair extensions are added (fed in) to the natural hair at each step of the cornrows. And then you can style if with whatever hair accessaries your heart desires.

2. The BoB

This style is made up of mostly single braids, but the cornrows at the part give it a structure perfect for a bob. Then the ends are cut to complete the bob look. Feed in braids don’t have a specific style. You can create your styles and trend it. Everyone is a creator.

3. The Bohemian Faux locks

The bun of it all! Doesn’t this look just scream summer, music festivals, and also a formal night out? This is one look you can take anywhere your day takes you. 

4. Fun with color

You can rock any color of hair extensions with your feed-in braids. As hair extensions come in different colors like gold, wine, purple, and blue, take advantage of it and experiment. 

5. The Jeweled out braids

Like we said before, the fun of feed-in braids is the freedom for creativity. Here, only the sides are braided. And jeweled out to the max with braid rings.

6. The half up, half down

Must have patience and lots of extension for this look as it is so complex and has many parts to it. But once it’s done, it is glorious! 

7. The combination

We’re calling this look the combination because it combines other looks we have pointed out on this list. It can be a ponytail, a bun, and demonstrates a fun use of color. 

8. Strait in the front, braided in the back

Again, there are no rules here, just creativity and fun!

9. Fulani Braids 

This is a classic feed-in braid look that’s perfect for any age, any season, any occasion, and any hair type. 

10. Perfect for kids, too

The room for experimenting with any design makes feed-in braids for kids too. It is low maintenance also, which means less time you have to spend chasing your kids around to do their hair.  All you need to do for maintenance is to apply oil or hair cream.

11. The Tribal Layered Braids 

This is when you want to take the intricacy and sophistication to a whole new level.

12. For the men

Who said feed-in braids are only for women? Men can get in on the fun too. Braiders are architects, for real!

13. Jumbo Tribal Ponytail 

This is a simple yet beautiful twist on a regular bun. By braiding down two braids on either side of your face, you are making the look more unique and playful.

14. The Stitch Feed-ins

Regular cornrow braids are good, but why not take it up a notch? Stitch feed-ins can do the trick.

15. Two braids, on a twist 

If you love the two braid look, but want to put a twist on it, this is the prefect way to do it. 

Let us know below which look you’ll be rocking this summer.