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Fresh Fest: Nation’s First Festival For Black Craft Beer Brewers

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It is estimated that out of 6,300 independent U.S. breweries, only about 50 are black-owned. But that number is not discouraging the organizers of Fresh Fest, the first-ever beer festival for black-owned breweries. The festival will have about a dozen breweries visiting the North Side’s Nova Place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 11th for a day-long festival.  

Fresh Fest was founded by Day Bracey and Mike Potter. Potter, who founded the group Black Brew Culture in 2015, is a home brewer himself. Although he does not have a brewery, he went on a quest to find other black people who own breweries. Day Bracey, on the other hand, has a popular podcast that combines comedy and beer appreciation. Both men hope Fresh Fest will be a groundbreaking festival that will introduce blacks to craft beer, an industry that is predominately white. 

“For there to be an all-black brewers’ festival, it is just a huge milestone,” said Chris Harris, owner of Black Frog Brewery. “It would show a lot more people, you know, that there are people of color that are interested in craft beer.” Harris will be offering his brews at the festival. 

The pre-ticket sales were so strong that Fresh Fest was moved from the original smaller venue to a larger one at Nova Place, on the North Side. The event will also include live music and food trucks. 

For more information, visit the event website