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Jomaree Pinkard: Cocktail Company Pushing a Conversation

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Jomaree Pinkard

During the pandemic small businesses and entrepreneurs have felt the stress of figuring out how to stay afloat.  Many have had to take out loans and think of all of the different ways to survive and save what they’ve spent so long managing. One of those entrepreneurs is Jomaree Pinkard of Hella Cocktail.

Though the future is unknown, Jomaree Pinkard is using his cocktail company to advise entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses on positive opportunities to navigate the current landscape to success.

Hella Cocktail's Jomaree Pinkard

The Beginnings for Jomaree Pinkard

Jomaree Pinkard, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Hella Cocktail, is a thought leader offering advice and insight around how entrepreneurs, particularly those hit by the covid pandemic. He teaches about how small businesses can maneuver through present challenges. While doing this, Pinkard also shows them how they can support one another to create more opportunities for the future and be a change-maker in their communities.

Pinkard received an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. A New York native, Pinkard was raised in an underprivileged neighborhood and understands the challenges of breaking barriers and the importance of creating socioeconomic changes through his work done at Hella Cocktail.

The cocktail company was founded in 2011, and almost a decade in, he and his partners have grown what started as a hobby into a nationally distributed premium-quality beverage manufacturer. Hella Cocktail produces a line of nonalcoholic cocktail mixers, cocktail bitters and soda syrups with the intent of making it more accessible for bartenders or those at home to make delicious drinks.

Pinkard has been a powerful component and catalyst in transforming the company to what is today – a Cinderella story, he has worked tirelessly at his craft and garnered much success. The team at Hella Cocktail saw the importance in a far-reaching market and are continuing to create products that cater to those who dabble in the culinary arts or mix an occasional cocktail.

As a BIPOC, Pinkard currently uses his background to advise companies on how to respond to the Black Lives Matter movement and focus on making concrete change within their own organizations and extended networks.

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How Hella Cocktail is Helping Others

Earlier this year, Hella Cocktail created a campaign titled #OnTheMenuNow. This is a series of live discussion hosted on Instagram to talk about racial equity and the Black experience in the food and beverage sector. The campaign magnifies and amplifies black-owned businesses by sharing the journey of a brand in order to catalyze equity.

Hella Cocktail Bitters

Topics of discussion include access to shelf space, resources, capital, managing the pandemic, and bettering communities.

In addition to #OnTheMenuNow, Pinkard advises companies on how to respond to the Black Lives Matter movement through his podcasts and live conferences. By using these platforms, he lays out ways companies can ensure their business is prepared to support black lives mattering.

To learn more about Hella Cocktail, visit their website to contact them with any questions and follow them on Instagram for updates.