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‘Hidden Figures’ Impact Shows Exactly Why Art is As Important



The age old debate of science vs art is a ridiculous one. Hey humans and almost all living things, would you rather have water or air so you live and flourish? Sure, you can live longer without water, but will that be flourishing and growing? Some will argue that without science, we would not be able to live at all or it would be a very uncomfortable existence. But would a society be able to grow and flourish without art?

One of the best movies in recent years demonstrates why art is just as important as science. “Hidden Figures” blessed our large screens in 2016 and brought joyous tears to our eyes as we watched the story of three brilliant black females mathematicians who helped NASA put a man into space. The inspiration this movie has bestowed on the world continues to grow.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Fox 2000 Pictures

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, “Hidden Figures” has become the first Hollywood movie in history to inspire a publicly funded exchange program through the State Department for 50 women working in science, technology, engineering, and math in 50 countries in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. These women will convene in the United States for three weeks and meet with organizations across the U.S. that promote STEM for women and girls.

This is the perfect marriage of science and art.