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How to Sustain Creativity and Innovation While Under Pressure

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Tasks that require creativity ask for a laid-back environment, don’t they? That’s why the work space of creative people is infamous for being unorganized and relaxed. However, this ideal world for most people doesn’t always exist. Life is fast moving and hectic and you’ll eventually be in the situation when you have to put your imagination to work regardless of the external pressure you are dealing with. Then, how do you sustain creativity and innovation while you’re under pressure?

How can you stay creative in today’s fast-paced world without sacrificing quality? Here are some brilliant tips that are here to rescue your creative flow.

  1. Make a change

Whenever you feel stuck and the pressure seems overwhelming, change something in your creative process. We’re talking about simple things here: rearranging your desk, working from a different room or a different place (what about a cute, little cafe close to your office or house?), and so on. You’ll be surprised by how helpful this will be. Our brain gets stimulated by thousands of things everyday. You never know what will stimulate it to come up with that creative solution you’ve been waiting for.

  1. Take a nap!

You’re probably thinking that napping won’t be efficient time wise. Wrong! Whenever you feel tired, your brain doesn’t function at full capacity, which slows down your creative flow. Instead, if you sleep for a bit, you help that mind-body connection reestablish and say goodbye to all the annoying fatigue-caused thought-stoppers. Our “I will sleep when I die” and “Hustlers don’t sleep” culture needs to change. Science has showed us over and over how important sleep is for our brains and our overall well being. Naps have proved to be so effective in giving our brains much needed boost. Stop filling your body with the chemicals of energy drinks and give yourself a natural boost with a nap.


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  1. Kiss panic goodbye

Yes, when you have a lot on your plate, you’ll most likely tend to feel like you’re losing it. Fear chills your creative thinking – there’s no need to explain the negative impact. When panic strikes, make yourself take control over the project: review the goal, write down everything you have so far, and slowly return to the brainstorming process.

  1. Get out and play

Well, you can also stay in and play; the point here is to engage in an activity (other than trying to be creative on purpose) that helps you effortlessly unleash your imagination. This will help you think laterally, thus getting you closer to quickly solving the creative problem. Try some crossword puzzles, board games, word association quizzes, sooting hoops, playing soccer– anything you think you’d enjoy. Play time is very important to the creative process.

  1. creativity and innovation, black entrepreneurs, black excellence, black tech Let it flow

Maybe you’re scared that your ideas will seem stupid and get rejected. You know what? By blocking some apparently-silly creative thoughts, you risk spending a ridiculous amount of time searching for the “brilliant and appropriate” solution. What if this perfect idea has actually crossed your mind but you weren’t confident about it? It may be, it may be not, but the only way to know is to write down every single concept you come up with. Do a quick session of mind-unblocking, note down each and every idea. One of those can be the big winner at a second thought.

At the end of the day, as challenging as staying creative and innovative under pressure may seem, the tips above will help you handle the pressure better and give yourself some break.