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Isaiah Russell-Bailey: The Young Hollywood Star

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Young Black Hollywood star Isaiah Russell-Bailey posing in a suit

Isaiah Russell-Bailey is a young American-born actor most popularly known for portraying the character of Shaka Mckellan in the sitcom “Family Reunion ” alongside Tia Mowry and Loretta Divine. The 16-year-old fast-rising star is also a dancer, model, parkour, and social media personality.

Isaiah’s performance in the family tv show ‘Family Reunion’ has been his breakout role. The show revolves around a family who struggles with their move from Seattle to Georgia where the extended family lives. 

Isaiah has also proven his relevance in the entertainment industry through his viral dance videos and amazing editorials with photographers based in and out of Los Angeles.

Isaiah Russell-Bailey’s Early Years 

Isaiah was born in Fort Worth, Texas on December 9th, 2006. His mother, Brittany Perry-Russell is a professional dancer who has performed on numerous states with artists like Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cardi B and more.  She then transitioned into acting and has starred in movies like Honey 2, 13 Reasons Why, The Preacher’s Son and more.

Brittany also appeared in Family Reunion. She has mentioned that the best moment of her career is working alongside her son on different projects. 

Isaiah has always had an interest in acting as well as dancing since he was a little child.  His parents picked up early on his entertainment interest and enrolled him in special dance and acting classes along with his regular education. 

Brittany mentioned that Isaiah often followed her to set and it was in the process he learned how to breakdance.

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Isaiah Russell-Bailey Hollywood Debut 

Isaiah made his onscreen debut on the 14th episode of the 13th season of the blockbuster show ‘Criminal Minds’. He played as the young Kevon Winters. He was also in two episodes of the TV show Giants.

Isaiah then landed roles in “Raven’s Home” and “S.W.A.T.” His biggest role so far has been that of ‘Shaka’ on “Family Reunion.”  In addition, Isaiah and his mom are working together with Priyanka Chopra on “We Can Be Heroes.”

Aside from acting, Isaiah is also a model. He has worked with huge brands like Nike, Under Armour, Target, Skechers, and GX.


Isaiah’s Hobbies and Likes

It looks like Russell is a Marvel fan. He mentioned once that his favorite superhero is none other than Spiderman. He is known as the person responsible for almost all the pranks played on set. Isaiah also loves to read novels as he mentions that Male Vs Man is one of his favorite books. He tries to read and finish at least one book a month.

Isaiah is also a big fan of anime and crowns the Naruto series as the king of all anime. 

Isaiah, just like many teenagers, loves junk food more than anything. He has said several times that pizza is his favorite food, and popcorn is his favorite snack. Isaiah also loves Mexican foods and traveling. Furthermore, he mentioned that Disneyland is his favorite place to unwind.


Isaiah Russell-Bailey Social Media Presence

Isaiah is a social media influencer.  Since he made his debut on Instagram in 2017, he has gained over 342k followers. He often has entertaining content including his viral dance videos.


Isaiah Russell-Bailey Future Plans

Russell has always said that he has big plans for the entertainment industry. He wants to start his own production company to create job opportunities for diverse people. ‘

He mentioned that he has been shadowing directors and sometimes sits in on editing sessions of his shows. 

Isaiah also wants to work with famous Black actors including Denzel Washington and Will Smith.

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