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ishowspeed: The Teenage Streamer Making Millions

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YouTuber ishowspeed

If you love following gaming YouTubers and video games, there are chances that you’ve
come across the iShowSpeed channel. Since he posted his first video about 5 years ago,
the teenage streamer has become an internet sensation. With over 19 million subscribers,
over one billion views, and endless fame, everybody wants to know IShowSpeed’s net worth.
But how did he really make his millions?

Darren Jason Watkins Jr. an American Youtuber, Streamer, rapper, and internet personality,
is the YouTuber behind ishowspeed. Darren’s likable personality and wild antics helped him to attain celebrity status and became one of the leading icons in the gaming niche. He’s famous for his different livestreams in which he plays video games like Roblox, Fortnite,
and FIFA.

Who is Darren Jason Watkins Jr. (Ishowspeed Teenage Streamer)

Darren Jason Watkins Jr. (popularly known as Ishowspeed online) was born on January
21st, 2005, in Cincinnati Ohio. Watkins has always been passionate about games, so, he created his Youtube channel in 2016 with the intention to occasionally upload videos of himself playing games.

But the channel didn’t perform as he expected. The views were slow and people seldom
engage with his videos. So, he decided to do things differently. Around December 2017, Watkins started live streaming and uploading popular video games like NBA 2k and Fortnite.
Still, the views were not encouraging. There were days when he would barely get three views.
But he was focused, committed, and consistent. After a few months, Watkins’ subscribers
count started increasing steadily.

Surprisingly, Watkins’ Channel – ishowspeed reached 100,000 subscribers in April, 2021. The
growth and success of the channel took everybody in the gaming niche by surprise.

It seemed he had waved his magic wand to make these subscribers appear from nowhere.
His focus unwavering commitment, and consistency made the channel grow fast.
Inspired by the result of his hard work, Watkins was determined to make his channel
dominate the gaming niche.

Between 2021 and 2022, he started sharing captivating clips from his live streams
across social media platforms. That strategy worked! Watkins became so famous that almost everybody who is into gaming knew about his Youtube channel – ishowspeed.

In fact, in 2022, Darren Jatson Watkins Jr. was awarded the Breakout Streamer of the year
during the 12th Streaming award.

What is Ishowspeed Net Worth?

Without a doubt, ishowspeed’s popularity in the world of live streams is unprecedented.
According to celebrity net worth, Ishowspeed net worth is over $10 million. Watkins made his
fortune as a live streamer, a YouTuber, and recently, a rapper.

But Watkins didn’t really attain this lofty height in his live streaming journey alone. His
collaborations with other great streamers like Kai Cenat, Adin Ross, and the Sideman made
him more popular and wealthy.

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Controversies and Their Impact on Ishowspeed’s Net Worth

If you have been following Ishowspeed live stream and YouTube channel, you know that he’s very controversial. Watkins often uses controversial languages and concepts to capture the attention of his audience. This has actually helped him become more popular.

For instance, Ishowspeed gained more popularity in 2021 when his fanbase started posting
clips of his violent behaviour during live streams on TikTok. He became an
internet sensation and people started using him as memes.

In December 2021, Watkins participated in Twitch “e-dating” livestream show and Adin Ross
was the host.

During the show, Watkins and another participant Ash Kash got into a heated argument. Their exchange was so intense that people translated Watkins utterances as a rape threat. Because of this, he became the first contestant to leave the show.

Surprisingly, Watkins didn’t allow his argument with Ash Kash to sly. He rejoined the Discord
call after the game ended and was alleged to be slurring and sexually harassing Kash.
Although Ross apologized to Kash on Watkins’ behalf, this action led to the banning of the
teenage streamer from Twitch.

Similarly, one of Watkins’ old clips of him playing Valorant on live stream was posted online.
And in the clip, he talked down on a female player in a misogynistic way. As a result, Sara
Dadafshar, one of the game producers, permanently banned Watkins from Valorant and
other Riot game titles.

Ishowspeed Live Stream Incident (Ishowmeat)

Watkins made headlines recently as he found himself in a very awkward situation. During
one of his live streams on August 15th, 2023, Watkins jumped out of his seat as he
was playing a particular game. He didn’t remember that he wasn’t wearing pants. So, he accidentally exposed his penis to his live viewership of over 25, 000 people.

Of course, it was an embarrassing situation, so he ended the live stream. But some viewers
already recorded the clip and they uploaded it across social media platforms. After this incident, Watkins was seriously trending online and words like “IShowMeat” and
“IShowPee” started trending online.

Watkins eventually returned to live streaming on August 18th, 2023 and explained how the whole “IShowPee” and “IShowMeat” trend has affected him. Thereafter, the teenage
streamer urged his fans to stop using the term “IShowMeat”.

Ishowspeed Meets Ronald

Watkins is a huge, huge fan of soccer superstar Ronaldo. So when the YouTuber finally had a chance to meet the star, it was a big deal. Watkins’ video of meeting Ronaldo is by far one of his biggest videos. He even got to show off his Ronaldo tattoo to Ronaldo!

Darren Jason Watkins Jr. Personal Life

One thing about Darren Jason Watkins is that he keeps his personal life very private. He has
never mentioned anything about his parents or siblings on Youtube or any other platform.

He is currently in a relationship and rumors have it that he has become a father. However,
he never mentioned anything about becoming a father. He started dating Ermony Renee, who is also from Cincinnati, in 2021. He even introduced her to his audience on a live stream and their relationship further boosted Watkins’ profile.

Although very controversial, Watkins’ controversies have helped him grow his YouTube
channel to over 19 million subscribers. Ishowspeed net worth of $10 million is an evidence of
his successful career as a gamer, YouTuber, rapper, and a streamer. With the dynamism in
the business world and emergence of several other platforms, Ishowspeed net worth may
increase to $20 million in 5 years time.

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