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Lil Eazy-E: Little Known Facts Behind The Name

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Self-proclaimed Prince of Compton, Lil Eazy-E is a renowned musician who became famous not only as the oldest son of gangsta rap pioneer Eazy-E but also as a rapper himself. His well known songs include This Ain’t a GameStraight Outta ComptonA Lil’ Eazier Said, and Boyz N Da Hood 07.

But there is still some mystery behind the name and the face. 

Lil Eazy-E’s real name is Eric Darnell Wright Jr. He was born and raised in Compton, California by the elder E’s mother in the same house that reared his father.

Here are some fascinating little-known facts about Lil Eazy-E.

He’s a successful entrepreneur 

Lil Eazy-E is currently the CEO of NWA Entertainment, LLC, a record label and media company.  He is partners with Derrek Wright (also known as Baby Eazy-E (E3), one of Lil Eazy-E’s brothers) and Lisa Marcum. In addition, he manages Compton MoneyGang which is made of Derrek Wright as well as other members of his family.

Lil Eazy-E is also the CEO of his own company, High Powered Productions. On top of that, he is a music producer for various top artists. He is also involved in several other music, TV, and movie projects. He learned all this business mastery back in 2006 when he worked for Ruthless Records, his late father’s company. 

His musical career didn’t have a smooth start 

Lil Eazy-E’s first appearance on the music scene was together with rapper Daz Dillinger. That was the time when everyone was expecting an independent album release. Things didn’t go as planned, as there was no contract signed for a while.

Actually, Lil Eazy-E was initially signed with Virgin Records until a change at the company’s executive management delayed the Prince of Compton album’s release. The artist left Virgin Records and, in 2006, teamed up with Blackground and Universal Motown Records Group. However, the album was still on idle.

In the meantime, Lil Eazy-E recorded several singles and did some features with many artists such as Kokane, The Game, and Jim Jones. It is around this time that Lil Eazy-E released his successful mixed tape.

Finally, Blackground released Lil Eazy-E and gave him artistic freedom. He is currently signed with Ruthless Records, the company that his father founded.  

He is an HIV activist with controversial opinions 

His father passing from complications of AIDS turned Lil Eazy-E into a vocal HIV activist.

In a 2017 TMZ interview, the artist discussed a California bill that was introduced that year that would make deliberately transmitting diseases, such as HIV, without disclosing the disease, a misdemeanor instead of a felony. He said that he views these updating laws as “population control”. He also added that there should be serious consequences for HIV-positive people who have unprotected sex without priorly communicating their status. 

He criticized rappers who are paying homage to his father, Eazy-E 

Back in 2014, on what would have been Eazy-E’s 50th birthday, Lil Eazy-E expressed his frustration with rappers claiming to pay homage to his dad in their music. He said: “reaching out to the ones that’s here” would actually consist of a true, genuine homage. He mentioned that these artists just take Eazy-E’s verses and throw it into their songs just to make themselves relevant and gain popularity.  


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