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Nina-Symone Smith: LL Cool J’s Daughter Coming to Limelight

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LL Cool J Daughter Nina-Symone Smith in a white dress. Ecstasy cover

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, especially ’90s hip-hop, then you know LL Cool J. But did you know LL Cool J daughter, Nina-Symone Smith, is has followed her father’s footsteps right into the music industry? 

The Grammy award-winning LL Cool J is famous for songs like “Going back to Cali” and “Doin’ It”. 

As a rapper, he is perhaps even more famous for his legendary beef with Canibus that saw the two great lyricists trade diss tracks with much savageness and intelligence. 

LL Cool J is also a record producer and an actor, starring in movies like “Deliver us from Eva” with Gabrielle Union.  However, the spotlight for today will not be on this legend, but on his daughter, Nina-Symone Smith. 

Nina-Symone is a rapper, a vlogger, and the last child of LL Cool J. She has three siblings: Samaria Leah Wisdom Smith, Najee Laurent Todd Eugene Smith, and Italia Anita Maria Smith. 

Their mother is prominent jeweler, Simone I. Smith who is a cancer survivor and the Co-founder/Designer of Simone I. Smith Jewelry. 


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Nina-Symone’s Family Life

Nina-Symone was born on the August 9th, 2000. Her nickname is Ninabandzz. Her parents, Simone I. Smith and James Todd Smith first met as adolescents in 1987. They got married in 1995 but they had been dating for eight years prior to that and had already given birth to Nina-Symone’s other siblings. Nina-Symone would follow five years later as the last child blessing to their marriage.

When Nina-Symone was four years old in 2004, her family went through an experience that significantly affected their lives. Her mother was diagnosed with Chondrosarcoma. It is a rare bone cancer, and it was at the third stage. The treatment took a lot from the family. Simone I. Smith underwent a 15-hour surgery in which her bones were replaced. After that, she had to go through rehabilitation.  Nina-Symone and the family never left her side throughout this difficult chapter. 

The situation left such an impression on the family that in 2019, they joined the fight against cancer by joining the American Cancer Society on a campaign. Simone I. Smith has been free from cancer for more than twenty years now. 

When speaking about her upbringing, Nina-Symone let the world know that her parents made sure to provide for her and her siblings without spoiling them. She said that she and her siblings lived a normal life and that even though they got what they needed or wanted, it was not always readily available. 

LL Cool J also said something similar in an interview he once did on Oprah’s Masterclass. LL Cool J had spoken on how he was not going to raise spoiled kids after all he has been through in his life. 

He spoke about demanding excellence while ensuring they did not limit themselves. 

Nina-Symone’s siblings have mostly stayed out of the limelight. Her only brother, Najee Smith is a professional photographer. People often speak of his striking resemblance to his father. 

Nina-Symone’s eldest sister, Italia Anita Smith is a licensed Realtor who got married to Lamar Cardinez in 2017. Like her brother, she chose a career path that keeps her away from the limelight. Italia is blessed with two kids, making LL Cool J and his wife Simone I. Smith grandparents. Nina Symone’s other sister, Samaria Leah Smith, is a fashion designer who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  She started her own fashion brand in 2019 and is quite successful with it. She sells her brand on her website. She is a Beauty and Wellness enthusiast, speaking on the topic at various events. 

Nina-Symone’s Music Career

Nina-Symone is the only one of her siblings that followed their dad’s musical path. However, unlike her father, ‘Ninabandzz’ chose to be an R’n’B singer instead of a rapper. 

LL Cool J has influenced many rappers and singers, and his daughter will not be the last. LL Cool J made sure to guide his daughter, offering her the kind of advice only a veteran like himself could offer. Nina-Symone put her first track out in 2019 and received great reviews on it. 

Nina-Symone waited for her 19th birthday to release her first single which was titled “Call Me”, and the video was well-received on her YouTube channel. 


Nina-Symoe dropped another single titled “Feels” on Spotify in 2020. 

In 2021, she released an EP named “Ecstasy” which has four tracks in it. The four tracks are “Addicted”, “Runaway”, “Again”, and “Feels”. All songs can be found on Spotify or Apple Music.


Nina-Symone’s Social Media Platforms

Nina-Symone has an Instagram account, Ninabandzz where she shares her life with her fans as well as her work. 

Her Instagram account is followed by icons such as Grammy Award winning producer Cory Rooney who produced for Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Marc Anthony, Destiny’s Child, Jennifer Lopez, etc. Nina-Symone also has YouTube channel where she posts about her life and activities. The channel is named NINABANDZZ