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Love to do Laundry? Turn It Into a Profitable Side Hustle Like Her

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black woman doing on demand laundry side hustle

Doing laundry is not a favorite activity for most but there are those in our society that find joy in separating the whites and colors and making the dirty clean again. If you are that somebody, there is a perfect side hustle for you: doing other peoples’ laundry.

Christian Sanya found this perfect side hustle for her on the on-demand laundry platform Poplin, formerly known as SudShare. According to CNBC Make It, she earned $46,000 on the platform in 2022. On Poplin, you can sign up and provide wash-and-fold laundry service. You are expected to pick up, clean, fold and deliver laundry.

Clients pay $1 per pound of laundry for next-day service and $2 per pound for same day service. Freelancers get 75% of that fee.

Christina Sanya, who makes $76,000/year as a medical laboratory technologist, was able to open a laundromat with her husband in Lanham, Maryland through her earnings from her side hustle. The laundromat, called the Laundry Room, brings in up to $24,000 a month and is run by four employees.

Even with a successful career and a profitable business, Christina still does her side hustle. “It’s not an easy side hustle, but if you like it, it’s easy money,” she told CNBC. “But the laundry has always been my thing… It doesn’t feel like work to me.”

Tools for the Job

The most obvious tool you need to have for this side hustle is washing and drying machines. You would also need a car or reliable form of transportation in order to pick up and drop off laundry. The app allows you to set the maximum distance you are willing to travel.

Other tools include laundry detergent and plastic covers to deliver the clean laundry in. Since clients pay per pound of clothes, having a scale is a requirement for the job.

If you already have a car and washer/dryer, it’s a pretty low cost entry side hustle.

The Pros and Cons of Laundry Side Hustle

The Pros of this unique side hustle are obvious: you get to work from home. Outside of the times you are doing a pick up/drop off, you are free to work from home and decide your own work hours.

According to reviews of Poplin on, some cons include compensation that sometimes doesn’t match the amount of work, a “wacky” rating system, and some difficulty getting started.