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How Melody Holt Made Her Money

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Melody Holt love and Marriage on Own

Melody Shari Holt (also known as Melody Holt) is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Television Personality, Public Speaker, and a real-life Superwoman. Melody’s story is one of someone who made it from the bottom to the top. Melody Holt is worth $2.2 million according to Techie + Gamers. She is most famous for starring in OWN’s (Oprah Winfrey Network’s) Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

Melody Holt is the CEO of Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, an asset management company. She hosts OWN’s “Behind Every Man.” Melody is also an advisor to Alabama A&M University’s College of Business and Public Affairs. 

But how did Melody Holt rise from an Alabama middle school teacher to Real Estate Royalty, Reality Television sensation, and millionaire?



Melody Holt was born on November 11, 1985, in Brundidge, Alabama. Her mother is Vanessa Rodgers Tracy, the author of “Ushered Yet Abandoned: The Mask Of A First Lady”. Vanessa Rodgers Tracy  is also an entrepreneur. 

As for Melody Holt’s father, there isn’t much known about him. A messy situation on “Love and Marriage” in 2020 led to people accusing Melody’s mother of being a “side chick” to Melody’s father since she was never married to him. Vanessa Rodgers Tracy then went on her Instagram to debunk those allegations, insisting she was never a “side chick” to Melody’s father. 

After finishing high school, Melody Holts studied at Alabama A&M (Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering) University where she obtained a degree in English Language Arts. It was this degree that prepared her for the next phase of her life.

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Melody decided to get a job as a teacher after graduating from Alabama A&M University. Her first job was as a middle school English teacher in Alabama. It was here that she met the man she would build the next phase of her life with, and this man was Martel Holts. If you have followed the “Love and Marriage” Reality TV show, then you know that Melody and Martel are divorced now.

The former couple built themselves up from being Middle School teachers to the business moguls and Reality stars that they are now. They tied the knot on July 20, 2008. 

Melody and Martel then started a lawn care business. They named the company “Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, LLC” and it specialized in lawn care, property restoration, rehab, and preservation. They started the business as amateurs and struggled through it together until they transformed it into a multi-million-dollar success within seven years. Meldoy Holts has been the CEO of Holts & Holts Entrepreneurship, LLC since 2010. 


The Holts did so well in their business that they decided to add another dimension to it, so they started the reality TV show, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” The show has been a tremendous success, featuring five other Black real estate professionals. 

“Love and Marriage” brought fame to the Holts, but it also revealed weaknesses in their marriage publicly. In 2020, the couple filed for divorce months after rumors of separation. The divorce exposed a tough part of Melody Holt’s life to the public as she went through the challenges of a divorce on camera. The saga saw Martel Holt accused of infidelity, and Melody’s mother accused of being a side chick to Melody’s father. Many believed the childhood trauma of Melody not having her father around her was being visited again through her divorce. 

Melody and Martel still maintain a good business relationship as they remain business partners. They also share custody of their four kids: their son, Martell Jr., and three daughters named Mariah, Malani, and Maliah.

Melody and Martel Holts jointly wrote a book, “The 9-5 Entrepreneur: Twelve Questions to Consider Before Taking The Leap.” The book was written to help guide intending entrepreneurs on their journey towards success. 

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Melody Holts is worth $2.2 million in 2022. This fortune comes from her multi-million-dollar company which she co-owns with her husband, and her other jobs. Melody Holts reportedly earns $196 per hour as a motivational speaker. She is highly sort after to inspire the younger generation and intending entrepreneurs as a woman who has achieved so much success in her youth. She also earns $56k yearly from TV shows and makes about $6k from sponsored Instagram posts. 


Aside from Reality Shows, Melody Holts also uses her Social Media presence to share her life and experiences with her fans and followers. She does not have public Facebook or Twitter accounts as of this posting but she is active on Instagram. Melody Holt’s Instagram account is melodysholt

Melody Holts is an example of a woman who has achieved success through determination and hard work. As a young lady, she was willing to do the hard work in areas of business she had never ventured into, and this resulted into her being a Real Estate boss alongside her then husband, Martel Holt. 

Melody also has several other streams of income which include her Instagram, her motivational speech gigs, and her Reality TV Show platform. In all, Melody is an inspiration to young men and women who want to make it in the business world.