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Metro CEO Stephanie Wiggins to be Honored at Newspaper Luncheon

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On April 15, Stephanie Wiggins, CEO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, will be recognized at the “Power, Leadership and Influence of the Black Woman” luncheon. The event will occur during the celebration of the Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper turning 90 years old.

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The event, created by Danny J. Bakewell Sr., chairman of Blackwell Media, celebrates the most accomplished women in the nation. It also commemorates the Sentinel’s long legacy of covering news about the African American community. Blackwell said the positive impact of black women on his life inspired him to create the event. He also said the event’s purpose was to honor the strength and dignity of black women in advocating tirelessly for the advancement of African Americans.

In December 2018, Stephanie Wiggins became the CEO of the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority when the Board of Directors appointed her. On January 19, she assumed leadership and became the first black woman to head the department. As CEO, Wiggins leads an agency that operates a commuter rail network on seven routes, which cuts across a six-county, 538-route mile system. Metro has the third busiest transit system in the United States. It is also the lead transportation, planning, programming, and financing company for over 10 million residents.

Wiggins has also served as the executive director of Vendor/Contract Management. In this role, she expanded Metro’s contracting of small and historically underused businesses. Prior to this position, Wiggins served as the project director and executive officer of the Congestion Reduction/Express Lanes Program. In this role, she was a pioneer in the creation of the first high occupancy toll lanes in Los Angeles County. These lanes are located on the freeways 1-10 and 1-110. As CEO and transportation leader, Wiggins aims to put customers first and improve their experience whenever they ride with Metro.