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Mother of Two Dies from Postpartum Hemorrhage, Family Questions Death

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Two weeks ago, Alona White died from postpartum hemorrhage giving birth in Detroit. Family members of the deceased new mother claim she was perfectly healthy. This has left them with questions about her sudden death. White’s mother, Katina Ponder, said she was 25, perfectly healthy, and she didn’t know what went wrong.

Alona White before postpartum hemorrhage

Days before her untimely death, White had a successful C-Section. She gave birth to a baby girl named Ari. The infant was taken to the NICU but was nursed by her mother hours later. Suddenly, White began complaining of a massive headache. Her mother said medical professionals performed a CT Scan to assess the damage. The results showed massive bleeding on the left side of White’s brain. Shortly after, she was unresponsive. 

After spending five days in the ICU, Alona White passed away. Katina Ponder said the family went from being joyful to devastated. She also said she was only able to spend an hour with her daughter. Ponder said it was unfair for Alona to be robbed of her life like that, and she does not understand what happened. 

Ari and her two-year-old sister, Aleah Sullivan, will be raised by their father, Derrick. Ponder said Aleah was too young to understand what was going on. However, she also said Aleah has started asking questions. Ponder said Aleah and her mother had a bond out of this world, and she has been asking for Alona. 

The family is waiting for an autopsy’s results to understand how and why the postpartum hemorrhage happened. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has started to raise money for homegoing services. With a target of $20,000, the fund has already raised over $16,000. However, Ponder said no money would bring White back or make up for the children living without their mother.