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New Black TV Shows, Docs And Movies To Watch On Netflix This Spring

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Oh Spring, welcome!

Mostly, we say welcome to the new black TV shows, documentaries, and movies on Netflix  that we’re adding to our watch list. Because, of course, we need more shows to watch.

Seven Seconds- A 15-year old black boy Brenton Butler is murdered. His killer? A cop. This timely series follows the battle his family faces to bring justice to a system that’s plagued by racism and corruption. Regina King plays the role of Brenton’s mother so heart-achingly well that you will feel every single stab her heart. She is the symbol of most black mothers whose kids have been taken too soon, by a system set up to make sure things stay that way.


Roxanne Roxanne– If you’ve never heard of Lolita Shante Gooden, aka Roxanne Shante, then you’re in for a treat! Roxanne started rapping when she was only 9 and broke into the hip hop scene at just 14 years-old with her hit “Roxanne’s Revenge.” Roxanne Roxanne is a dramatization of her life. It premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and won critical acclaim for the lead actress Chante Adams.


Coach Snoop– Everybody who has followed Snoop’s career knows his versatility (he has a gospel album now, by the way). But did you also know he’s the head coach of the Steelers, a team of 13-year old boys? Snoop created a youth football league to keep at-risk kids off the streets and Coach Snoop, a documentary series, follows their journey. 


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First Match– Monique (played by Elvire Emanuelle) has spent years in the foster care system and now yearns to connect with her ex-con father. In order to accomplish that, she joins the boys wrestling team. First Match mixes a coming of age story with a sports story with a family story with gritty reality. A must watch! 


Rapture– How has hip-hop impacted global culture? Well, let’s ask Nas, Logic, T.I., and 2 Chainz, just to name a few. They share their life stories, their take on how hip-hop has affected the global culture, their struggles, and much more in this anthology series. Since its premiere this past Friday, it has been a hit with social media!


Flint Town– For two years, filmmakers followed cops in Flint, Michigan, a city that is plagued with violence, poverty, and, as we all know, a clean water crisis. In times when police violence is such a hot topic and a national crisis, it is always good to look at things from their perspective so we can have a constructive conversation.