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Oprah to Campaign for Stacy Abrams in Georgia

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With less than one week left until the 2018 Midterm Elections, celebrities are out in full force, urging voters to head to the polls to elect candidates and support ballots they believe in. Among these celebrities will be Oprah Winfrey, who will join Stacy Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, in two town hall-style events this Thursday.

Stacy Abrams is in a tight race in Georgia with Republican candidate Brian Kemp, who also serves as secretary of state, Georgia’s chief elections official.  Recently, former president and former Georgia governor Jimmy Carter campaigned with Abrams, where he made a personal plea to Kemp to resign his post as it is seen as a conflict of interest. 

Oprah, who declared herself as an independent, took to Instagram with Maria Shriver, another independent, to urge her followers to vote on November 6th.

The Georgia race for governor has garnered national attention as Abrams vies to become the first black female governor in American history. Oprah’s appearance just few days from the election is expected to help Abrams solidify her support from liberal white women and nonwhite voters.

Actor Michael B. Jordan, in the mean time, went door to door in Atlanta in an effort to encourage black voters to show up in droves on Tuesday in partnership with racial justice group Color of Change PAC. “I know some of you think your vote doesn’t matter, but your vote can help elect officials who can make a difference on police brutality, criminal justice reform, and racial justice,” he wrote on an Instagram post, while using the hashtag #VotingWhileBlack. 

Early voting is underway in many states. Election is on Tuesday, November 6th. For information on how to registering to vote and other voting related information, click here