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Patrice Washington: Finding Your Purpose and Conquering Money

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Patrice Washington, black business woman, entrepreneur, black excellence

Everyone has a purpose.

As a personal finance expert, Patrice Washington is fulfilling her purpose by empowering others to conquer money and finance issues. Back in 2007, she was at the top of her game. Along with her spouse, they owned a seven figure real estate business & several investment properties.

While building their mini-empire, the Great Recession of 2008 changed everything. In a matter of months, her family went from 6000 sq ft mansion to a 600 sq ft apartment. They had accumulated $2 million in debt and filed for bankruptcy.

During times of uncertainty & despair, most choose to crawl in a ball then quit. Instead Patrice found lessons in her failure. Despite losing everything, Patrice decided to preserve. She relied on her skills, education and excellent work ethic to pull her through. Over the next couple years, she was able to bounce back stronger & wiser than ever before.

Now, she is the best selling author of multiple financial books and the CEO of of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a personal finance training and development firm. She has appeared on several shows on TV and radio, such as The Steve Harvey Show, Dr Oz, and Fox and Friends.

I recently had a quick chat with Ms Washington about her thoughts on purpose and other topics:

BE: How did you find your purpose?

Patrice– Found it in the doing. Did what I enjoyed( mostly talking + writing) & married it with my skill set ( personal finance) . It became purpose.

BE: What brings you joy?

Patrice – Feeling like my work matters, being with my family and helping others have an ‘aha’ moment.

BE: What was your lesson from the Great Recession of 2008?

Patrice – Seek wisdom: Education and knowledge are not the same as wisdom. You have to know HOW to apply what you know & when and with whom.


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BE: How did you maintain your faith during that difficult time?

Patrice -My faith was all I had. I kept telling myself , “Look for the lesson, Patrice, God wouldn’t bring you this far to leave you. ”

BE: Why did you decide to start,

Patrice – Got frustrated that many #EqualPayDay advocates were all about what industries should do. Gave them too much power. We need our power back.

“I was enjoying the satisfaction of knowing I’d touched people and inspired them to believe in their potential.”-Patrice Washington.

Since her comeback, Patrice had helped thousands change their money mindset & transform their. Listed below are a few ways to get you in the path to finding your purpose:

  • Keep a journal– Daily writing about your thoughts and ideas can lead you to your purpose.
  • List your passions & interests- Getting a clear idea of likes & dislikes can be profound. Furthermore, having an idea of what excites you is beneficial as well. Most consider a passion as that one thing you are willing to do for free.
  • Find your joy– This may take some time to cultivate.  However, it is worth the work. One helpful activity is reminiscing about your childhood. Think back to events & memories that brought you the most child like joy. This will lead you to finding your inner bliss.

Just like Patrice, you too can find your purpose!