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Community Demands Answers After Black Man Is Killed By Police

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Najee Seabrooks protest

The citizens of Patterson, New Jersey, are demanding officers involved in the shooting of Najee Seabrooks be suspended.

On March 3, New Jersey Police officers shot and killed Najee Seabrooks, a black man while he was suffering from a mental crisis. Now, Seabrook’s family is calling for the officers involved to be held responsible for his death.

Since last week, protests have amplified in the Garden State and have kept growing. This apprehension is because community members and activists are calling for full transparency. In this case, their demands would include releasing the bodycam footage from the incident.

According to North Jersey, the New Jersey Institute for Social Justice contacted the U.S. Attorney General’s Office. This was a request for the FBI to conduct a federal investigation into the death of Najee Seabrooks.

In the letter, the institute pointed out that Mr. Seabrooks desperately needed treatment, which he rightly deserved. Unfortunately, the New Jersey Police force killed him instead. It also listed many cases of misconduct by the Paterson Police department. The group’s letter boldly stated that the residents of Patterson have suffered from excessive police brutality and abuse for years.

The People’s Organization for Progress also demanded action from the federal government. According to the group’s spokesperson, Lawrence Hamm, the group believes that there is a pattern the law enforcement agency should investigate. It also believes that the Patterson Police Department should be under federal authority. As a regulatory measure, the group recommended the placement of a consent decree and an independent federal monitor over the Patterson Police.

Najee Seabrooks was a father and a youth mentor who spoke against violence. According to his mother, he was a good man and well-known in the community for always helping people.