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Questlove Discovers His Ancestry, Down To The Name of The Slave Ship

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PBS’ Finding Your Roots is a fascinating show. The host Henry Louis Gates Jr helps celebrities discover their ancestry through DNA and research. The latest celebrity digging for his roots is Questlove.

On an episode airing Tuesday night, Questlove discovers something unique about his background.

It turns out, Queslove is a descendant of enslaved people who came to the U.S. on the schooner Clotilda. That means they would have been part of the last known group of Africans ever brought to the U.S. as slaves more than half-century after the international slave trade was officially banned.

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What this means for Questlove is that he can find out exactly where his family is from and how they got to America, an answer that is difficult to come by for most African Americans. And, he can trace them right back to Africa by name.

The full Questlove episode of Finding Your Roots premieres on PBS on Tuesday night.

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