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Quick Notes on Run-DMC’s ‘Raising Hell’ As It Joins The National Recording Registry

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Classic photo run dmc wearing Adidas and giant gold chains

Run-DMC’s iconic 1986 album “Raising Hell” is one of the 25 selections that will be inducted into the National Recording Registry, “a compendium of recorded works singled out by the Library of Congress for their historical, cultural or aesthetic significance.” Speaking about their album receiving this great honor, Rev Run said it is “a massive honor. I could not believe that something we put together so many years ago was going to be honored at such a high level. I had to ask my manager two times if this was for real.”

The third album for the group, “Raising Hell” achieved triple-platinum status and received critical acclaim.

run dmc, Run DMC's Raising Hell, raising hell, black excellence, walk this wayHere are 3 more noteworthy points about the album that will forever live among other outstanding works of art that were also selected for their cultural significance.

  •  It has been selected by Time Magazine, The Source, Rolling Stone, Slant Magazine, and more as one of the greatest albums of all time. It even made it on Chris Rock’s Top 25 Hip Hop Albums at #4. Chris stated, “Raising Hell is the first great rap album ever.”
  • The single “Walk This Way” featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith became the first rap song to place in the top 5 of The Billboard Hot 100.

  • The album ends with the important political song, “Proud To Be Black”. It was partly written by Run’s father Daniel Simmons.
  • The album was almost entirely written while the band was on the road for the Fresh Fest Tour in 1985. In fact, the duo performed songs from “Raising Hell” at The Apollo for unsuspecting crowds for two nights before the album was even recorded.  

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Now, over 30 years since the release of “Raising Hell”, it is still being praised for bringing hip hop to the mainstream to stay for good!