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‘Red Table Talk’ Gets The Green Light For 13 More Episodes. We Say Amen!

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Picture of Jada Smith, her mother Banfield-Norris , and daughter Willow Smith

If you haven’t been watching Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, you have been missing out on a lot. A lot. The phenomenal actress and musician is joined by her mother and her daughter at a red table to discuss topics ranging from Willow’s self-cutting at a shockingly young age to sexuality to what it was like growing up a Smith. The popularity of the show has now led to the first season getting an additional 13 episodes on Facebook Watch. The additional episodes will premiere this Fall. 

Red Table Talk is so honest, so funny, and so touching that it will have you begging for more every time an episode ends. As if we needed more reasons to love Jada and the whole Smith clan.

Jada’s strength and refreshing honesty, her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris’ vulnerable charm, and Willow’s fresh take on life and obvious sweetness gives this talk show a fiery  combination that makes it stand out in a crowded field.


“The community that has been built around the Red Table is so strong and keeps my mother, Willow and I inspired to keep going. We are so grateful to be given the opportunity to do so by continuing The Red Table talk journey with Facebook Watch,” said Jada. “There is so much more to explore together and so many people to bring to the table to do it with us. We have learned so much along the way. With that being said, I believe, this next 13… is going to be fire!”

Although the three generations of women are the main anchors of the show, they are also joined by other celebrities and friends to explore various issues. In one episodes, Jada hosted actress Gabrielle Union to discuss the beef they have had for years (they both confessed that they don’t even remember how it started  or why) and why they are reconnecting now to hash it out.  In another heart melting episode, Jaden Smith joins the red table to speak about what it was like growing up a Smith and why he wanted to move out at age 15. 

Catch Red Table Talk on Facebook Watch and stay tuned for more powerfully honest talk from the ladies.