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Sabrina Parr: The Woman That Stole Lamar Odom’s Heart

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You might not be familiar with the name Sabrina Parr. But her current relationship with ex-NBA star, and Khloe Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, make you want to know more about her.

A couple of months ago, Lamar Odom popped the big question, and Sabrina says, “I SAID YES!!!”

Lamar took to his Instagram page to say: “Introducing my fiancé; soon to be Mrs. Parr Odom. She the One!!!.” And Sabrina wasted no time in showing off her diamond engagement ring. The two only dated for 3 months before getting engaged.

While there is so much love and excitement between the couple about the soon to be union, the question then is, who is Sabrina Parr?

Let’s delve into the world of Sabrina Parr to see what enchanting spell she cast on the former basketball player.

Quick Facts About Lamar Odom’s Fiancé, Sabrina Parr

Early life

Sabrina had a humble start in life.

She was born on May 1st, 1987, in Atlanta, Georgia, and spent her high school days in Collinwood High School. Her entrepreneurial spirit has always been strong; hence she started early in the business world.

While growing up, Sabrina sold potato chips in her neighborhood as a way to make ends meet. In Collinwood High School, she fixed nails and braided other students’ hair to earn some extra cash. In college, Sabrina added cloth-making to her source of livelihood and in continuation of her entrepreneurial spirit.

Sabrina is a Life Coach and Personal Trainer

Health they say is wealth. And Sabrina says you don’t have to be wealthy to live a healthy life. She is a health, lifestyle, and fitness coach.

Having had extensive experience as an athlete as well as a former State Track Champion, Sabrina carved a niche for herself in the fitness field.

That explains her well-trimmed and athletic figure.

Being a trainer and a life coach is her way of helping people live healthily. She helps people lose weight, stay fit, and healthy using a myriad of health-related programs.

She sells health-related products, meal preparation plans, and work out plan as well as fitness packages. Her program ‘Getting up to Parr’ is about achieving your fitness and health goals without spending a lot of money to do so.

Sabrina uploads her workout video clips for her fans on social media. While there, you can  get a glimpse into her vacation trips, personal life, and more.

Divorced With Kids

Motherhood has been a source of motivation for Sabrina. She has three adorable children from her previous marriage. She disclosed that she went through a divorce with her ex-husband (Antonio Davis) and the father of her children.

In her words, Sabrina stated it was a crazy marriage but never gave details on what went down. However, it was alleged that Antonio discovered she had another phone he wasn’t aware of. And he found some messages that proved Sabrina was in an extramarital affair.

Sabrina explained that he is a great father to their children and has a lot of respect for him. Going through a bad divorce has not deterred her from finding love, and possibly another marriage.

Sabrina Parr is a Former Athlete

Her love for sports has always been a prominent feature in Sabrina’s life. Back in Collingwood High School, she participated in track and field. She won the state title as an Assistant Coach for Collinwood High School as well as a Five-Time All American and a two – Time State Track Champion Award.

Sabrina’s Days Behind Bars

Sabrina had her fair share of challenges in 2015 over marital issues with hubby Antonio. One of those issues led her to spend some time behind bars.

The court found her guilty on two counts of assault, one count of domestic violence and a second-degree felony.  All charges bagged her six months incarceration and three years’ probation. Luckily, she got out early and viewed that time as a transition point.

Sabrina allegedly threw a trophy at her ex-husband, who suspected her of infidelity. He  sustained a head injury from the attack and had to call 911.

Sabrina and Lamar Reality Show

Sabrina and Lamar have announced plans for a new reality show. According to the duo, the series was scheduled to start this past Spring season under For Us BY Us Network. However, the plans were delayed due to the current global corona virus pandemic.

Sabrina Parr and Lamar Odom Say ‘No to Sex’

Sabrina says that her and Lamar have agreed to no pre-marital sex. Lamar Odom has had a clean break from his past on the road to recovery and his newfound faith. He used to suffer from  a s*x and drug addiction.

As part of living a Christian life, his pastor encouraged him to grow or improve his experience by living godly.

Sabrina commented in Hollywood Life that Lamar’s respect for his pastor’s advice has led to this decision. And she is willing to go all the way with him on the resolve. She explains that he honors his woman when he waits till after the wedding. “God pays you for such sacrifice,” says Sabrina.

Lamar has publicly gone through some drama both in his marriage and personal health. “I was not attracted to the pain and the drama. You need to meet people where they are… He needs to heal and grieve. I knew with my resources and my personality and my attitude, I could help him,” says Sabrina.

And for his part, Lamar says Sabrina Parr is the only woman he never wants to cheat on.

Yes, Sabrina Parr’s relationship with former NBA star, Lamar Odom, shot her to the limelight, but she has arguably done well for herself. As they leave the past in the past and take the long walk to a greater tomorrow, we can only wish them the best of luck.

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