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See How African American Food Choices Make You Prone to Diabetes



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Are African American foods healthy or prepared just to satisfy the taste bud only? Now, when you roll out those high carby meals and deep or stir fry. To further spice things up, you add red meat and do all those exciting things to make your delicacies. Have you paused for a second to think about their health implications?


Well, several worrying research points to the low quality of foods eaten by blacks. African American food choices over the years seem to be having a negative toll on their health. One principal subject for discussion is the prevalence of type 2 diabetes. Not like African Americans alone have diabetes, but records show diabetes as more prevalent among blacks.


World Health Organization facts show a one hundred percent increase in cases of obesity worldwide since 1980. As of 2014, at least 1.9 billion adults already 18 years and above could be said to be overweight. At least 600 million of the above number suffer from obesity.


No less than 41 million children below five years are already overweight. More reasons African American food choices should be self-censored is the high-risk factors among blacks put at over 50%. Diabetes till date is the 5th deadliest ailment in the United States. If the course of event does not change fast, cases of diabetes among African Americans will become alarming by 2050.


Currently, African American births have a high propensity to develop type 2 diabetes over time. At least 2.7 million out of 11.4% of African Americans aged 20 years and above already have diabetes. And with most of these likely sufferers not being aware, it’s time to redefine the African American food choices.


Diabetes causative factors include overweight, age, lack of exercise, and high blood pressure. Poor eating habits, such as some African American foods also cause diabetes. So, what makes the black race prone to diabetes? Research shows that where the body fat resides in the body could be one factor responsible. Having more body fat around the belly could be seen as more harmful than carrying fat on the thigh or buttocks. Body fat in the belly makes the body more resistant to hormone insulin, which helps control the blood sugar level. An American Journal health report also indicates; the lack of adequate exercise facilities and knowledge about diabetes as also causing the spread of the disease.


Well, the changes in the African diet came mostly by influence from the western manner of preparing meals. African American foods over the centuries mainly were starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains. But currently, African American foods comprise of red meat, processed foods, sugary, salty and fatty foods. The process of frying, sauté, in the place of boiling and roasting became more of the preparation process.

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However, African American food can still maintain their nourishing tastes without losing its nutritional value. But to nip the scourge of type 2 diabetes here are some ideas to incorporate into your meal plan:

  • Add different types of vegetables to different meals.
  • Try to replace sugary foods with more natural sugars to remain healthy and retain sweetness.
  • Go for slight but regular exercises as part of your routine
  • Get yourself screened regularly for pre-diabetes.
  • Drink enough water daily
  • Add fruits and grains to your diet


Enjoy a healthier lifestyle while keeping your taste bud alive!


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