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25 Sexiest Videos in Black Culture

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Beyonce music video in Black and White

Videos tell a story. They are a means of expression and cultural documentation. What better way to see and feel an artist’s message than through a video? How about a sexy video? 

Black artists have been producing incredible music videos since Michael Jackson’s movie like music videos. 

Some of these music videos have been audacious and have made their mark on Black culture. Some of them have been hot and heavy. 

Let’s explore some of the sexiest music videos in Black culture, in no particular order.

1. WAP-  Cardi B ft. Meg The Stallion

This video was all anyone could talk about days after it was released. Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B took it all the way there in this one. 

As much controversy as this song and video created, Cardi and Megan were VERY unapologetic. They even had a super raunchy stage performance after the video was released. 


2. Anaconda- Nicki Minaj

Before we start with this one, make sure the windows are open. It’s about to get hot in here. This video has a billion views on YouTube. This goes to show just how much of an impact it had.  If you’re searching for a sexy video, you found it. 

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3. Partition- Beyonce


We should have known Queen Bey didn’t come to play once she took off her glasses. From the lingerie to the choreography, this one deserves a spot on the 25 sexiest videos in Black culture. 

Every single scene was oozing with sensuality. Now, don’t even get me started on the silhouette scene.


4. Nice and Slow- Usher

It’s hard to decide what makes this video sexy. There’s just a lot to choose from. There’s a shirtless usher dancing in front of the Eiffel tower and making suggestive movements. And there’s supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons. It’s all just perfect R&B sensuality. 


5. S&M- Rihanna

We thought red was sexy but Rihanna showed us pink could be even sexier. She’s not called Bad Riri for nothing. 

The video has Rihanna showing us that her sexuality is not something she’s ashamed of.


6. Any Time, Any Place-  Janet Jackson

The video begins looking a little innocent. Soon enough, we’re seeing Janet Jackson and her lover undressing each other. 

A bunch of steamy scenes follow after this one. In this video, Janet Jackson reaffirms that she is her own woman and not just Michael Jackson’s younger sister.

7. Dip it Low- Christina Milan

This video starts with Christina Milan in a blue silk robe. Just when we think we can’t handle all the sexiness she has to exude, she reveals her lingerie. One day, we’ll talk about the shirtless hunk in the video.


8. Drunk in Love- Beyonce ft. Jay Z

One thing about Beyonce, she’s sexy and she knows it. Beyonce had women all over the country try to imitate her moves in this video. 

She shoots this video in a seductive bikini and sheer skirt that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.


9. Hot in Here- Nelly

As the name implies, it’s about to get hot in here.  The video is set in a club, where it gets really, really hot. There’s a whole lot of belly dancing and grinding.


10. Treat  Me – Chloe

Chloe holds nothing back in this video.  Chloe showcases her sexuality in every way possible from the choreography to the boardroom scene and the pool scene. 

She knows she’s hot and her haters can’t put her in a chokehold. And of course the sample in this song is incredible. 


11. Fade- Kanye West

You can’t talk about one of the sexiest videos in black culture without mentioning this one. For most of this video, Teyana Taylor is dancing provocatively in a sports bra and thong. 

There is an explicit scene of her in the shower with Iman Shumpert. Did someone say, steamy?


12. Ride- Ciara ft. Ludacris

Everybody remembers THIS video. It’s the sexy video that took Ciara to a whole new level of stardom. Ciara is not only sexy but she’s a top notch dancer who can completely control the stage all by herself.


13. Wiggle – Jason Durelo ft. Snoop Dog

Jason Durelo surrounded by a whole lotta sexiness. And Uncle Snoop brings the cool.


14. Work- Rihanna ft. Drake

This video was still viral weeks after it was released.  “Work” video was so steamy that it sparked dating rumors between Rihanna and Drake.  

Viewers found it hard to believe that all the action between Rihanna and Drake in this video was just acting.


15.  Pour It Up- Rihanna

Rihanna is back with yet another sexy video. She’s just all that. 


16. How Does It Feel? -D’Angelo


Is it a list of the sexiest videos in black culture if there’s no mention of D’Angelo’s How Does It Feel

This iconic video has been imitated over and over again and for good reason. The teasing is just too much. 


17. Diamonds- Megan Thee Stallion ft Normani

This was one of the sexiest videos of 2020. Is it possible for any black woman to watch this video of Normani and Megan Thee Stallion without cheering? 


18. Shoop- Salt-N-Pepa

This song, and video, celebrate one thing: confidence. And you know what they say. There’s nothing sexier than confidence.

19. Take You Down- Chris Brown

When Chris Brown and his backup singers took off their shirts, the room got several degrees hotter. However, that was only the beginning. 

Those dance moves on the floor could make anyone’s imagination run wild. 


20. No Ordinary Love- Sade

In this video, Sade is a mermaid. A rather sexy one. Each time she looks at the camera with her mesmerizing eyes, we’re reminded that sexiness can be subtle.


21. Candy Shop- 50 Cent ft. Olivia

“So seductive.’’ 50 cents got that one right. This video is all shades of seductive. 

22. Red Light Special – TLC

TLC defined what sexy was in the ’90s. And no other one of their songs, or their videos, is sexier than “Red Light Special.” 


23. My All- Mariah Carey 

Black and white, classic Mariah. The Mariah we absolutely love listening to and watching.


24. Dance for You- Beyonce 

Another Beyonce and another black and white classic. The ladies just know how to do sexy. 



25. Ciara- Love Sex Magic 

Cici is just magic! Pure magic!