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Shante Broadus: 10 Things to Know About Snoop Dogg’s Wife

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snoop dogg's wife Shante Broadus smiling

Behind every great man is an even greater woman, and Shante Broadus is an excellent example of that.  Shante first met Snoop, who later on became her husband, in high school. At the time, he was known as Cordova Calvin Broadus.

From that point on, they stuck by each other through thick and thin, and eventually, she became his first manager. When Snoop’s career took off, she to start her own production company called Boss Lady Entertainment. 

Things got rocky for the couples, and they filed for divorce in 2004. They never went through with it because Snoop stopped the paperwork in its tracks.  Snoop put in the work and finally got his bride back. 

Shante Broadus is not just Snoop’s wife. She is an entrepreneur, a mother, and grandmother. 

Here are 10 things to know about Shante Broadus.


A Brief Biography Of Shante Broadus 

She was born Shante Monique Taylor on the 30th of October 1971 in California. She has two siblings; Jarmaine Fuller and Sharelle Fuller. She attended and graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School. After her graduation, she did a bit of acting in movies and TV shows. Media and publicity were not alien to Shante, so it isn’t surprising that she was an excellent manager and built a name for herself and her husband. 


Shante Has Three Kids With Snoop Dogg 

Prior to their wedding, Snoop and Shante already had a son, Corde Broadus, who at that time was about four years old. Barely four months after they tied the knot, the couple welcomed their second son Cordelle Broadus. And in 1999, Shante and Snoop welcomed their daughter, Cori Broadus. 

Shante is also a stepmother to Snoop Dogg’s other son Julian Corrie Broadus. Julian is Snoop’s son from a previous relationship. 

Shante is a proud grandmother as her children have welcomed kids of their own. She has six grandchildren, granddaughters Cordoba and Elleven, Chateau, and grandsons Zion and Sky. She had a grandchild named Kai, who died shortly after his birth.

Shante’s Daughter Suffered From Lupus

When Cori was 6, she was diagnosed with the disease known as Lupus. She noticed some symptoms like weight and hair loss after Cori got a reaction from a swimming pool. After some tests, Cori was diagnosed with Lupus. This was a challenging time for the couple as divorce was also filed for around this time. But the couple chose to stay together instead. 

Shante Broadus Launched a Scarf Collection 

After her daughter’s diagnosis, Shante tried to figure out ways to help her daughter enjoy a normal life, so she started a scarf line. This was to help cover her daughter’s head when she suffered hair loss. Other members of the family also wore scarves. 

Her collection of scarves also supports others suffering from the disease. 

Shante is The Founder Of Boss Lady Entertainment 

Seeing how well she was able to manage her husband’s music career and some of his most formative years, Shante realized how good she was at running a business and figured she could do more. So she created Boss Lady Entertainment. Under this franchise, Mrs. Shante plans to have a fashion line, sell scented candles, and ‘Boss Lady Spirit.’

Boss Lady Entertainment also oversees events and productions done by ‘The Compound.’ Artists in the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, and a host of high-ranking artists have been hosted by ‘The Compound.’

Shante was appointed her Husband’s Executive Manager

Snoop Dogg officially appointed his 50-year-old wife to be his executive manager on the 9th of June 2021. Now, this is a role she had played for many years as she was already in charge when his career began to peak. Over the course of Snoop’s career, Shante has been there every step of the way. Over time, she gained first-hand experience of how the industry operates. She also picked up vital skills and knowledge that make her an ideal choice for such responsibility. 

Her job entails overseeing not just the rapper’s profession but his other business dealings as well. 

Shante Is A Philanthropist

Shante Broadus is a philanthropist, and on several occasions, she has been linked with charities and organizations such as Snoop Youth Football League. She and her husband confounded this league to help underprivileged football players with sports gear and a field to train on. She also has a non-profit organizations “Am Shante Foundation” which helps mentor young girls.

Shante’s marriage suffered a bump but survived

Snoop and Shante got married on the 12th of June 1997 at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey. Eight years into their marriage, they faced a challenge, and it almost resulted in a divorce. On the 21st of May 2004, Snoop Dogg filed for divorce due to ‘irreconcilable differences.’

After returning home, Snoop realized he had made a mistake and threw out the divorce papers. In an interview, he said he was never going to divorce his wife, and he had to work extra hard to win his wife back. 

How Shante Met Snoop 

Shante Taylor met Calvin Corodozar Broadus back in high school. They both attended the same school where they started dating, and their high school love story developed into a marriage of over 25 years. In an interview, Snoop revealed that Shante required the approval of her mother, and getting that was not easy. He had to meet her mom before dating Shante, and he waited four months into dating before he could kiss her.

Shante Broadus Net Worth

The businesswoman is estimated to be worth over $5 Million.