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Song Association With Terrell Grice: The Newest YouTube Sensation

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song association, Terrell Grice with Jade Novah

A perfect guessing game is becoming popular on YouTube.  What is the guessing game? It involves an entertaining host, music and occasional alcohol for viewers to see.  Song Association with Terrell Grice is the show you need to watch.

Terrell Grice, host of the Terrell Show,  was born and raised in South Carolina.  With a background in film and a love of music, having a show of his own was inevitable. After attending film school, Grice made the move to LA where he continued to pursue his passions. He booked a job in the casting department at a company that scouted talent for reality tv.

How it all started

Grice’s interest in branding and YouTube sparked the creation of the show.  In 2017 he made the decision to start a channel. In the early stages of his YouTube channel,  Grice began posting videos where he would review albums. There was something missing and he knew there was an extra layer that he needed to tap into to acquire more viewers.

song association, Terrell GriceInstead of reviewing albums, Grice decided to use his casting experience to reach out to singers and bring them on the show for interviews. That change in direction was a game changer and has turned the show into a hit.

The Terrell Show and Song Association

Fast forward a year later, and the Terrell Show was born. On the show, Grice brings in a special guest to interview them and ask questions about their life, journey and career. In addition to the interview, he gives them an opportunity to show off their vocal abilities in a game of Song Association.

Here’s how to play the game: Grice sets a timer of 10 seconds for his guests to sing the lyrics to a song that he has given them a one word hint to. Once the timer starts, the guest must jog their memory to think of a song that has that one word in it before the timer ends.

In between songs, Grice and the guests fill the room with discussions, shenanigans, laughter, making for a very entertaining show. From time to time, the guests have to console Grice when he can’t handle all of  the riffs and runs.

After hundreds and thousands of views, the show is becoming more and more successful. Celebrities such as Amber Riley, Avery Wilson, Todrick Hall and Lala Hathaway have made appearances.

With 489,000 followers in counting and over 45 million views, the show has just wrapped its second season. Who can we expect to see on season 3?

In the meantime, subscribe to the Terrell Show on Youtube and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.