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Steve Harvey and Wife, Marjorie Harvey; a Year of World Tours

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Steve Harvey with His Marjorie Harvey about to get on a boat

Steve Harvey and Marjorie’s World Tour! It’s been an exciting year for Steve Harvey, Marjorie, and family as they tour interesting places around the world. First, it began with the celebration of the couple’s 12th anniversary on June 25. Then it was Marjorie Harvey’s 55th birthday celebration as well as a world tour.

marjorie harvey world tour

Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey had a splashing and fun-filled voyage across the globe. The couple’s trip advanced from the US to Italy, France, Monaco, and more. Also, notable of mention is their decision to include Africa in this intriguing world tour. In a spontaneous and unrelenting show of affection, Steve Harvey posted this message for his Instagram fans; “Truth is…I love her, and she loves me, that’s a fact …. You know two people really can be in love … it really is possible”. Steve posted the message minutes before jetting off with the love of his life to Accra, Ghana.

Steve Harvey world tours

Steve Harvey is a sensational entertainer, Comedian, Talk show and game show host, radio star, and author. He graduated from West Virginia University but never had an inkling of pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Steve Harvey initially tried his hands on a different career path. He worked in Sales, as a postman and even in the ring – boxing. 


Steve Harvey had a chance at Stand-Up Comedy in the 1980s. But he still had to pay his dues, struggling for three years living inside his car. He said, “A week is really the maximum you can do. This was three years! It was rock bottom”. Steve continued, “But even in my darkest days, I had faith it would turn around.” 


Steve kept honing his skills and took part in the Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search, making it to the finals. He finally got his first major break in 1993 when he got on the “Showtime at the Apollo.” The sitcom, “The Steve Harvey Show” on WB, was Steve’s next big success. The show ran from 1996 to 2002. 


Still, in 2000, Steve Harvey was on with the “King of Comedy Tour,” which featured Bernie Mac and Dil Hughley. The show turned out as a huge success grossing at least 37 million dollars, according to the LA Times. Another rousing success of Steve Harvey was “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” on radio, hosting gigs, movie appearances, and more. Some examples include the movies, ‘Fighting Temptations’ and ‘You Got Served.’ Four of Steve Harvey’s self-help books became NY Times Best Sellers. ‘Think Like a Man’ was a movie adapted in 2012 from a book written by Steve. He was also on the ‘Family Feud’ in 2010.


Steve Harvey’s antecedent at the Miss Universe Pageant is another incidence always to remember. He mistakenly declared the wrong winner of the 2015 Beauty pageant, an event where he is a stakeholder. 


Video of Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey on Vacation

Steve Harvey world tours

While the NBA puts an end to the airing of the ‘Steve Harvey’s Show’ this summer, Steve Harvey still takes giant stride pursuing his dreams. He, the lovely wife, and their seven adorable children still live to their full, enjoying world tours. More so, Steve Harvey’s 3rd Annual Sand & Stone Festival held October 10th – 14th at the Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico.


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