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These 3 Incredible Black Dancers are Tearing it Up on Social Media

black dancers

Dance as a medium for artistic expression makes message into movement and movement into magic.

A few standout black dancers are making magic happen on social media with their original choreography. Their moves are solid and the world seems to be taking notice.

Here are 3 amazing black dancers worth checking out.

Jennifer Bonsenge in Belgium @jenybsg

Founder of both AfroHouseBelgium and Dance4Kids, Jennifer Bonsenge busts moves like you can’t believe.

Backed by her power posse of students, this Belgian choreographer creates and executes killer dances to fresh afrobeat sounds. Her crisp movements are captivating, and those of her students equally so.

Through Dance4Kids, Jennifer finds creative ways to reach out to children the world over and connect through the art of dance.

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Cory Camara Unikaa in Spain @makuriya_xo

This dancing fitness coach inspires and enthralls with off-the-walls dance artistry.

Hailing from Spain with birth roots in Gambia, Cory carves creative movements into afrobeat rhythm with exotic flair. As a largely self-taught dancer, she helps other aspiring groovers master moves through personal training and dance classes.

Warren in France @warren.afrodance

Proving kids can get down just fine too, Warren breaks it down with the best of them.

This young black dancer delivers thoroughly energetic afrodance performances that are nigh on impossible to look away from. At only 12, his blistering precision is crazy impressive, to say the least.

Warren’s collab videos bring in other awesome kid dancers for some truly outstanding synchronized fun as well.

These dancers prove the feel-good freeing effect of movement with music for body and soul knows no bounds or borders. With expression in each extension and style in each step, they are spreading their love for dance far and wide like wildfire.

What dancers do you think are fire right now?

Jeff Mitchell