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This Millennial Entrepreneur Is Connecting Underrepresented Artists With Art Lovers

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Margarita Barry the black female Entrepreneur

Where do you buy your art? Do you grab whatever is in your color pallet at the closest home goods store or go searching for that perfect, one of a kind piece at your local art fair? We have a new way for you to buy art. Artist and millennial entrepreneur Margarita Barry is introducing a new platform to buy and sell art that is more inclusive, affordable, and with more impact. That new platform is called BLOCK x BLOCK.

BLOCK x BLOCK works by connecting underrepresented artists with lovers of art though a simple and affordable process. The art is created by a diverse community of emerging and underrepresented artists from all over the country.  For each piece of art sold, 5% of the total cost is contributed to a neighborhood block project in disadvantaged communities around the country. The art is sold in personalized “block” packaging that tells a story.

Each 5×5 piece of art sold is packaged in a “block” or box that connects to the story of the artist behind the work and the story of the neighborhood project it supports. A free block personalization option offers the chance to add a personal touch.


Margarita studied art in college and started selling art in Detroit through her pop up collective 71 POP.  She told,  “In my experience people love to buy original art, but particularly when they can connect to the work on a personal level. BLOCK x BLOCK is making art collecting affordable and personal for the everyday person. You can log on, shop art by style or city, read artists’ stories, and purchase art in a meaningful way. Inclusivity and philanthropy is at the core of what we do. You can choose to support local artists and neighborhoods in your city and support artists of culture. And it’s as easy as sending an email.”

BLOCK x BLOCK is launching a crowd-funding campaign on January 1st to take pre-order sales. The goal is to raise $20k to purchase equipment for its full launch later this year.

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