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TIME’s FIRSTS issue Celebrates Women Who are Changing the World

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TIME has been working on a magnificent project that is set to be released on September 19th (the book is coming out on September 19, but videos and articles from the project are already out).  The project is titled “FIRSTS: Women who are changing the world”.

“Our goal with this extraordinary project is for every woman and girl to find someone who moves her,”  states TIME about the project, “to find someone whose presence in the highest reaches of success says to her that it is safe to climb, come on up, the view is spectacular.” Oh we love the view from here, from the point view of an audience that has been hungry for a project like this!

Forty-six influential women, women dubbed to be changing our world, were interviewed and photographed for the project. The list includes politicians, entertainers, scientists, businesswomen and more. Photographer Luisa Dörr was selected to photograph the women using an iPhone, a style she is known for. There are 12 different covers for this issue.

Here are the black women who made the list:

Patricia Bath- First person to invent and demonstrate laserphaco cataract surgery.

Ursula Burns- First black woman to run a Fortune 500 company.

Mo’ne Davis– First girl to pitch a shutout and win a game in a Little League World Series.

Gabby Douglas– First American gymnast to win solo and team all-around gold medals at one Olympics.

Rita Dove- First black U.S. poet laureate

Ava DuVernay- First black woman to direct a film nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.

Aretha Franklin– Fist woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Carla Hayden- First woman and first African American to be Librarian of Congress.

Mae Jemison- First woman of color in space.

Loretta Lynch– First black woman to become U.S. Attorney General

Ilhan Omar– First Somali-American Muslim woman to become a legislator

Issa Rae- First black woman to create and star in a premium cable series

Shonda Rhimes– First woman to create three hit shows with more than 100 episodes each

Serena Williams- First tennis player to win 23 Grand Slam singles titles in the open era

Oprah Winfrey– First woman in history to own and produce her own talk show