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Tired of Selfies When Traveling? This Black Owned Startup Has A Solution For You

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Selfies are great when showing off quick daily adventures. But what happens when you’re traveling solo or even with family and friends and you want to get the whole picture, in the picture? Nobody likes those awkward moments of stopping strangers on the street and handing them a phone.  That is exactly why Dovetail Experience, a black owned startup that connects travelers with photographers, was created. 

Sheehan Fisher and Wilmarie Fisher travel every year to various locations around the world to renew their vows. During their enchanted vacations, they hire local photographers to capture the moment. In the process, they acquired a network of photographers worldwide. Motivated by their love for travel and their experience of working with local photographers, the Fishers founded Dovetail Experience. Now, they have photographers in more than 60 international locations and iconic spots around the world.  

How Dovetail works is simple. Travelers choose a destination from a menu of locations worldwide, pick locations where they would like to be photographed and the range of dates they will be there. Photoshoots usually last between one hour and three hours. After the shoot is completed, photographs will be sent back to the travelers within five days.

“We work a lot with African American families; we try to suggest what colors to wear, what works best with skin complexions, so it’s helpful to the client, ” founder Sheehan Fisher said. “We are also highly focused on the experience; we try to make sure it is cherished as much as possible no matter what the event is and they all love having high-quality photos.” 

Dovetail believes not only do these photos beat selfies but they also are much better done by local photographers, who are more inclined to know the nooks and crannies of each location. The company is also branching out to  working with other fields related to travel. “We are moving towards trying to work with travel agencies wedding photographers, and wedding planners, ” said Fisher. “People spend so much money on their wedding and then go cheaper for their honeymoon,  so we’re trying to do more marketing in that are and work with African American families that go to travel agencies. We want to make sure they are informed about traveling photographers and make special deals for those companies.” 

You can learn more about rates and locations for Dovetail here